28 Stats That Sound Made Up (But Aren’t)

28 Stats That Sound Made Up (But Aren’t)

Stats are often intimidating and arcane, but rest assured, thats not what were doing here. Nope, what we’re doing here is a lot more fun. For instance, have you ever wanted to weigh the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters and figure out how many marshmallows could be made from him? No? Well, it doesnt matter because someone already did the math…

If you want to get ahead, it just makes sense that you should avoid hanging out in bars. But a study by the Journal of Labor Research found that regular drinkers make 10% to 14% more money than those who don't drink. The study also concluded that men who visit a bar at least once a month earn an additional 7% more than those who don't. CRACKED.COM


70% -the percentage of teenage YouTube subscribers in 2015 who said they related more to their favorite content creators than they do to traditional celebrities. 40% of millennial subscribers said their content creators understood them better than their own friends. CRACKED.COM


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