25 Eyebrow Arching Stats About Fictional Worlds

25 Eyebrow Arching Stats About Fictional Worlds

It takes a lot of time, imagination, and talent to create a story, so imagine how much of all of that takes to create a whole new universe of stories? One of the most engaging ways that storytellers, authors, filmmakers, and TV show creators can hold onto an audience is by creating a very detailed world for their stories to live in. The more detailed the world, the more impressive it can be.

After all has been created or completed, crunching the numbers can create some staggering revelations about the fictional world and the characters in it. New York City would drown in a sea of marshmallow in Ghostbusters. Batman has killed more people than Jeffrey Dahmer in spite of his “no kill” rule. You wouldn't believe how many miles Forrest Gump ran.

Learn some impressive and somewhat scary statistics calculated about your favorite film characters and the worlds they live in.

Entry by TimmyK

CRACKED.COM 0 icarus Gemenon By the time of the the Cylon attack, 23.5 BILLION PEOPLE lived in the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. When the series ended, ab

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