16 Eyebrow-Arching Fictional Universe Stats

As it turns out, you CAN do the math.
16 Eyebrow-Arching Fictional Universe Stats

There have always been beasts wandering our cities.  We all know that if you're weak, you will have to depend largely on the heroes, who can take a very long time to arrive. You’ll most probably die, but if you do not die, you will still likely run into demons, monsters and other miscreants almost every day. There seem to be numerous fictional universes in which it would be impossible to live. It's been quite the project to prepare a list of the most difficult.

Individuals discover each other attracted to fictional monsters such as Voldemort and Vader, and Maleficent and Moriarty, as they watch and rewatch Movies and tv shows throughout periods of downtime. The attraction of dark characters has an encouragingly rational explanation, and doesn't always involve being captivated by such a dark side.

According to the current psychological research, some people seem to find completely fictitious villains amazing and genuinely nice as long as they share some similarities with the reader or viewer.

John Rambo's Body CountH Rambo (2008) 247 Rambo lll (1988) 127 First Blood Part IL (1985) 67 First Blood (1982) 1 (accidental)
Stay- -Puft Splatter: PUFT STAY Dimensions: 112.5 X 37.5 ft. Marshmallow Density: 3.3 Ibs/gal Marshmallow Volume: 925,000 gal Total Weight: 1,543 tons
Number of Jobs held by Homer Simpson: 188 in the first 400 episodes
Estimated value of Scrooge McDucK's Money Pit: SS DEPTH GAUGE 90ft Depending on your starting point: $52 billion (based on depth), $239 billion (based
Han solo is probably full of crap. He says the Falcon can make point five beyond the speed of light and that he's flown from one side of galaxy to
Red Shirt, Short Life Number of crew deaths in Star Trek: The Original Series: 59 Number of Red Shirt Deaths: 43 79% of dead crew-members wore red shi
The Dwarfs are filthy rich. Height of Grumpy: 2-foot-six Diamond size (est.): 7 inches Largest gem-quality diamond ever found, measuring 4 inches: $2
Jack Bauer has shot 309 people over 9 days, 2 hrs. That's one person 40 every minutes.
The Star Wars galaxy isn't that far, far away. E.T.'s species: Asogian Appeared in The Phantom Menace 3 million light-years away (E.T. tagline) Distan
That magic carpet was wildly fast. Giza to Athens on a flying carpet: 697 miles in 10 seconds Magic Carpet Speed: 250,920 miles per hour CRACKED COM
Frodo's journey was insanely long. Hobbiton to Mt. Doom: 1,779 miles Los Angeles to Chicago: 1,745 miles
Amount of time it would take for Wall-E build one trash tower: 95 LURLLE years
Phil Connors was trapped for half a lifetime. Learning all the skills he picked up along the way (master pianist, ice sculptor, etc.) would take 12,40
Raising 101 Dalmatians would cost a fortune. Cost of owning a single dog: $153 per month. X 12 months = $1836 X 101 = $185, 436 per year
Number of people who know Batman's secret identity: 31 with an additional 9 who might know.
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