29 Things Animals Should Not Be Able To Do

29 Things Animals Should Not Be Able To Do

Technically, there are no things animals shouldn’t be able to do. It's a righteous thing to know what's right and what is wrong. In biological terms, whatever is important for life is correct. Animals often work under Darwinian constraints, and they are largely unable to decide (make a moral decision) on everything that is not proper. When’s the last time you saw a kangaroo use a napkin? Humans are having a problem. One aspect of that we have entered is the new ecology, which necessitates the development of new approaches. Darwinian techniques are frequently ineffective for humans. They are quite blunt. We must devise new "non-Darwinian" methodologies.

Many people are concerned that far too many animals will become "extinct," which means they will vanish forever, similar to the non-avian dinosaurs. It's indeed true that many anthropogenic activities, such as logging tropical forests and contaminating rivers, are destroying habitats for animals. So, really whose the bad guy here for having some unexpected abilities.

You won’t believe such amazing things that these creatures can do. Read on to learn more!

African buffaloes practice democracy and let the females make the decisions. The females all vote on which direction the herd needs to trek by lifting their heads, one by one, and staring into the direction they wish to go. If the vote is split, they'll divide into two groups and spend the night apart, only to reconvene in the morning and vote again. CRACKED.COM


Bears are one of the smartest land animals you can come across in North America. Bears aren't too far from higher primates -- they're phenomenal at avoiding hunters, and animal trainers think they're smarter than dogs. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM


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