36 Brilliant Ways People Bucked The Status Quo

36 Brilliant Ways People Bucked The Status Quo

Even though there seems to be a lot of people conforming to the rules and systems imposed on them, there are always millions who decide not to. Those are the interesting people, the ones we all admire for poking holes into the dumb stuff that stifles us.

Quentin Tarantino, Chinese-American immigrants, Oklahomans — they all have one thing in common: They were faced with a dumb, unjustified set of rules and they busted, broke, cajoled, twisted and shouted their way through them as much as possible. Someone has to stick it to the Man, whether the Man is big or small, and these are the people who did. 

Australian hipsters dine in a dumpster. CRACKED.COM A local design company protested (and temporarily solved) the lack of community space and public parks by setting a dumpster in the road and turning it into a quaint little outdoor cafe.

Source: Herald Sun

Iranian women sneak into soccer game by dressing in Bro Drag. CRACKED.COM 5 women went viral in 2018 by wearing wigs and beards to get into a futball game in Tehran. It's not technically illegal for women to attend, but 35 women were detained just that year for trying to get into a stadium.

Source: BBC

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