Social psychiatrists have long been fascinated by people's proclivity to obey the rules and conform to the expectations of others. Several early experiments demonstrated that individuals are genetic conformers, and individuals don't even have to perform research to see this. Consider fashion: a few young teens start wearing parachute pants and soap shoes, next think you know everyone is ‘grinding rails’ and ‘stealing my lunch money’. We will get those pogs back!

But some cases are different. A study conducted on mask-wearing conducted in the United States and Canada discovered that while 90 percent or more of individuals were completely compliant with all mask-wearing restrictions, 10 to 15percent were only compliant occasionally or didn't would like to abide by the rules at all.

Tarantino, Quentin... In the mid-1960s, Chinese-American immigrants... a couple of Native-American gay Oklahomans... Those who all have one commonality: they have always been given an unjustified set of rules and vowed to break them as much as possible. They're also in good company! Here are the names of 36 people who refused to follow the rules:


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