Tell Us Now: 15 Brilliant Loopholes People Learned To Exploit

Tell Us Now: 15 Brilliant Loopholes People Learned To Exploit

We asked Cracked fans on Facebook what loopholes they expertly navigated, and there was nothing at all suspicious about that. 

Seriously, here at Cracked we wouldn't do anything sketchy, just please send us a trace of your housekey. We promise not to do anything except eat all your cottage cheese and try on some of your clothes. Oh, and of course, we will jump on your bed. If you find some hair on the ceiling we apologize, sometimes we really like to go for it. Go big or go to someone else's home, we always say. 

While a lot of our fans assumed we were trying to gather kompromat, others shared the brilliant, devious ways they cheated the system. Feel free to employ any of these babies - have at it - but we sanction none of it. We are merely a conduit of information - and luckily for us, not a one-way conduit. 

TELL US NOW: BRILLIANT LOOPHOLES CENT INEA minute UNITED GRACKED Brandon R. found a flaw in the honor system: Once at a gas station I saw there was this little cup with a sign that said 'Take A Penny' but I took two. TWO! Sign didn't say how many times I could, so I went for it and it totally paid off. I did this for months and months, eventually amounting to around 37 Cents or so. Tax free, too.

TELL US NOW: BRILLIANT LOOPHOLES CRACKED Stewart M. has no regard for the FBI warning: For a while I'd buy physical copies of movies that came with digital copies, then I'd sell the physical copies at a used media store. Since the physical copies were usually the same price as the digital copy, it's a guaranteed discount for the movie.

TELL US NOW: BRILLIANT LOOPHOLES CRACKED Dani G. is a modern-day alchemist: for stores that have rewards programs, buy gift cards for that store when points are 4-10x the amount paid. Then use the gift cards at the store to get even more points. Welcome to Macy's, where everything is made up and the points don't matter.

TELL US NOW: BRILLIANT LOOPHOLES ATICE PARAIN ENCI PARKING WAR NOTICE ENCLOSED WARNING GRACKED Alyssa N. has glamoured parking enforcement into committing typos: California doesn't allow zeroes on personalized license plates. Consequently, my plates say  100. I've never gotten a parking ticket that was written correctly. Unpaid parking tickets get attached to the following year's registration, but that doesn't work when the plate info on the ticket is wrong.

TELL US NOW: BRILLIANT LOOPHOLES GRACKED Greg B. only poops on company time:I always had enough time for my clockwork morning poo, finishing bang on time before work. Manager was constantly watch-checking, so I started holding it for 15 minutes and going during my shift. That micro-manager essentially coerced me into playing the paid-to-poop system.

TELL US NOW: BRILLIANT LOOPHOLES CRACKED Dave s. pushed the quantum limits of tardiness: the tardy policy at my old job started at 10 minutes, but there wasn't a distinction between 15 minutes and 3.5 hours. So if I woke up late, I'd just sleep in for another couple of hours.

TELL US NOW: BRILLIANT LOOPHOLES 40 30 50 20 20 30 60 mph 10 *10 40 70 so. 011094 80 km/h P km GRACKED Mike M. stuck it to the micro-man: My old company questioned every expense, no matter how justifiable. But they never questioned my vehicle travel mileage. So instead of filing receipts, I would expense the hell out of everything and quadruple the mileage actually driven.

TELL US NOW: BRILLIANT LOOPHOLES OLUMBIA HOUSE CRACKED Melissa B. fondly recalls what was basically the opposite of a Ponzi scheme: Columbia House CD club. I don't even know how many times I cancelled and restarted my membership to get the free CDs.

TELL US NOW: BRILLIANT LOOPHOLES with him cross POP GRACKED Paul M. found the ol' HitClips loophole: I took a mini-disc player to high school, because the student handbook just mentioned radios, CD players, and cassette players as things that weren't allowed.

TELL US NOW: BRILLIANT LOOPHOLES $ $ $ GRACKED Ryan H. absolutely obliterated ol' JP Morgan: I needed my paycheck to go into my account immediately but the teller explained to me that only cash goes in immediately, checks take 3 days. So I asked her to cash the check for me, and when she handed me the cash, I handed it right back and asked to make a deposit.

TELL US NOW: BRILLIANT LOOPHOLES GRACKED Frank o. has doomed the paid subscription model of web publishing: When you go to a site with a paywall, wait for the article to load, then 'Select AIP and 'Copy' in the 5-second interval between when the page loads and when the firewall notice appears. Then 'Paste' into MS Word.

TELL US NOW: BRILLIANT LOOPHOLES CRACKED Rory L. figured out how to achieve a true American cholesterol level, abroad: McDonald's used to do a scratchy card promotion in my country. Every card was a winner, you just had to scratch the winning panel first. You could just scratch a pinprick of each panel in a specific location, and see if it was a winner. And of course the staff aren't paid enough to notice. All-you-can-eat cheeseburgers and fries!

TELL US NOW: BRILLIANT LOOPHOLES BLOCKBUSTER CRACKED Catherine L. figured out the key to Blockbuster's demise: We used to have a Blockbuster kiosk in our town, and if they were out of a movie you wanted, you would get a different movie for free. They also had the out-of-stock movies LABELED ON THE MENU. So we would 'try' to check one out, then get the movie we actually wanted for free.

TELL US NOW: BRILLIANT LOOPHOLES CRACKED Thomas G. stays up at night, wracked with guilt over cheating his local cybercafe: I feel bad about it now, but I was a broke high school kid at the time. There was a pop-up window that would show your remaining credit, and I found out if you clicked and held on the counter, it would pause the countdown. Websites were extremely slow to load, so it helped avoid getting charged while waiting.

TELL US NOW: BRILLIANT LOOPHOLES GRACKED Jake s. refuses to let his disability limit him: use a wheelchair due to Spina Bifida. Whenever I buy concert tickets, I always buy the cheapest, most inaccessible tickets possible. Due to the ADA, venues are legally required to make sure things are accessible, so I almost always get moved to a more expensive section where my chair can go, with a better view, for no extra charge.
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