25 of the Creepiest Science Facts

You can be convinced you committed a crime
25 of the Creepiest Science Facts

The world is a scary, scary place. At any moment, someone could push a button and nuke you from existence. You live in a hilariously fragile meat tube that could fall apart with the slightest malfunction. Someone keeps greenlighting spin-offs of The Bachelor. Around every corner is a potentially Lovecraftian horror, if only on a metaphorical level.

But ask an expert in any scientific field, and that metaphor disappears real quick. They’ll tell you which plants are fucked up, which animals are crazy, how the ocean is a void of unimaginable terrors, not to even think about space, how your brain is a wacky funhouse nightmare, and how your body is pulling all kinds of freaky shit you don’t even know about.

When user aelmnnor asked r/AskReddit, “What’s a scientific fact that creeps you out?” all that knowledge came tumbling out of Reddit’s intellectual Pandora’s box, and we’ll never be able to close it again.

lycanfemmefatal Зу ago If not for a thin layer of goop, our bodies would eat our eyes.
Keepitsway Зу ago Here's a good one: your eyes are an exposed extension of your brain. In other words, and apologies if it sounds a little sociopathic, but if you take apart your head piece by piece with just the brain in tact your eyes would be dangling from the brain. Or, you can just google eyes and the brain to see what I mean.
ConfusedChicken130 Зу ago After being decapitated there's still few seconds of brain activity that happen before you snuff out.
 Зу ago You can be convinced you committed a crime. You can also give false confessions.
SonofTreehorn Зу ago Your brain is making decisions before you are even aware of the decisions it has made. It also makes decisions based off of learned behavior and you just go along with it.
DHFranklin Зу ago The first Al that can successfully pass the Turing test would be able to pretend that it couldn't.
Xiagax Зу ago Edited Зу ago Rogue black holes. There are black holes that just are floating around in space and potentially fucking up solar system just by passing through it.
UnkindledGardener Зу ago Most of the water on the earth will rain down at some point... The creppy fact about this is that the human body is 60% water, meaning that at some point the same water that runs trought your body, the one on your blood, bones, brain, etc. Will rain down at some point,
phocathis Зу ago Edited Зу ago Sea stars eject their stomachs to cover edible parts of their prey, begin digesting it externally, and then pull the partially digested prey into digestive glands to finish the job.
wawapexmaximus Зу ago Honestly nothing is more creepy than how deep sea anglerfish mate. The deep sea is dark, and the anglerfish are spread very thinly. Therefore, when an anglerfish meets another anglerfish, it's incredibly important they get the chance to mate over and over again. The evolutionary strategy that deep sea anglerfish devised is extra creepy. The male latches onto the female, biting her and never letting go. That way he can inseminate the eggs she drops. Not that bad so far right? But wait, how does he eat if he's latched on his mate? Well, the circulatory systems
Alarm26 Зу ago This is probably more cool than creepy but spider-goats exist. There is this material called BioSteel that is spider silk that comes from a goat. Basically someone put orb weaver DNA into a goat so that spider silk could be harvested from goat milk.
Penguator432 Зу ago Violets secrete a chemical that causes you to forget what they smell like afterwords. You're essentially getting roofied every time you sniff one.
Knork14 Зу ago A fever is your body way of saying: We dont negotiate with terrorists! We either destroy the enemy or we die with them!
Squigglepig52 Зу ago Edited Зу ago Caterpillars turn completely into goo in their cocoon, and then become a butterfly.
Mattfromwiisports21 Зу ago The sudden urge to jump off of a very high height. You can be physically and mentally stable to the greatest degree and still have this feeling when at such a high height.
BossMula70 Зу ago There is more micro organisms on your body than people in earth
langkuoch Зу ago In the United States, approximately 1 in every 50 people have an unruptured aneurysm. Most will never rupture, but will just sit there in your brain, silently waiting...
ssjx7squall Зу ago You get and cure cancer in your own body thousands of times a day.....
iFranton Зу ago If you believe strongly enough that you have been cursed, your brain can shut itself off entirely in severe cases. The psychological term for it is Voodoo Death Syndrome. It's just the fact you can literally think yourself to death that unsettles me so.
munificent Зу ago Obligate siblicide. In some species of animals, multiple offspring are born but only one is actually raised by the mother. The others are born only as backup in case the first-born doesn't survive. When the first-born is fine, which is the typical case, it kills the others.
Fantastic_Air2013 Зу ago We only have solid knowledge on about 10-15% of the ocean
GrizzlyBear74 Зу ago There is a fungus that turns ants into zombies. And when they die it will be in the best position to spread more of the spores.
MER_manatee Зу ago The mantis shrimp can see colors that our eyes aren't capable of perceiving. Think about that. What else are we just not capable of sensing?
pluckymonkeymoo Зу ago Edited Зу ago Humans are bioluminescent (nothing to do with body temperature). We emit visible light that can be photographed in specific conditions. But, this light isn't visible to us. Which makes it a strange thing to have evolved, and begs the question what organisms is this light visible to, and why?
 Зу ago Parasites can live anywhere inside of you, for years unnoticed. A simple migraine could be a tapeworm crawling in your brain, causing damage. Your eyes begin to blur frequently and you don't know why and it's not getting better. Losing weight and having diarrhea but it's not a stomach bug. Well, I guess it is... You are having a difficult time catching your breath and your chest doesn't feel right. It could just be some parasite hanging out, using you.


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