20 Ways Your Perception Gets Screwed Up By Your Brain

Don't trust anybody. Especially yourself.
20 Ways Your Perception Gets Screwed Up By Your Brain

You know how when you learn new information that completely changes how you view something, or find out that a story you've always thought was true wasn't? And you jokingly respond, "My whole life has been a lie"? Well, this stuff is kind of like that, except that, yeah, it's scientifically true your whole life has pretty much been a lie.

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If you're mistaken, once you learn the facts you'll revise your opinion. Right? 'SEA SERPENT HEAD AND NECK MADE WITH PLASTIC WOOD PAINTED GREY DA SPAC
You'd never mistake a rubber hand for your own, right? Actually, yeah. You would. Scientists placed a fake hand next to a person's real hand, then hid
20 Ways Your Perception Gets Screwed Up By Your Brain
Ever notice how the moon is bigger when it's close to the horizon? That's an optical illusion. It seems like the moon has gotten farther from the Eart
You can detect temperature by looking, because of steam or other clues. But color can trick your eves into thinking something's hotter or colder, too.
You probably assume that if you can remember something, it happened, Not SO fast. Your brain can confuse an imagined event with a real memory. It's ca
20 Ways Your Perception Gets Screwed Up By Your Brain
Most of us remember childhood as happy. Because that's literally all our brains remember. It's very common to hear people talking about the good old
These two tables are the same size, but rotated. Your brain doesn't see them that way. The green table is as wide as the red table is tall, and vice v
Your memory is based on experience and facts, right? It can be hacked with repetition. The PEW Research Center recently found that almost 20 percent o
Your eyes perceive squares A and B as different colors. But they're the same. You see with your brain, not your eyes. And that brain adjusts what you
It's ok to make mistakes. That's how you learn. It turns out that it isn't. MIT scientists monitored a monkey's brain activity as it tried various act
Your senses of smell and taste detect flavor. Your eyesight is involved, too. Scientists had tasters evaluate a white wine, and they reported notes co
20 Ways Your Perception Gets Screwed Up By Your Brain
If you toss a coin and get heads five times, the next flip should be tails, right? Wrong but your brain - thinks it should be. Our brains suffer from
It's objectively clear which of these lines are the same. I A B C Exhibit 1 Exibit : Unless other people choose the wrong answer. Psychologist Solomon
If someone ignores you, there's a reason. Your brain tells you it's because they're a jerk. Due to something called fundamental attribution error, you
The center red lines in this diagram appear curved. They're straight. Your brain perceives the black spokes as motion, and assumes that you're going t
At first glance, this photo looks normal (except for being upside down.) It's actually really messed up, When you look at a face, you see a face. But
Do you remember when this happened? No, you don't. Scientists doctored the original Beijing photo (below) to add crowds of protesters, then showed it

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