13 Plants That Will Seriously Mess You Up

This is why it doesn't pay to be a vegan.
13 Plants That Will Seriously Mess You Up

Incredible as it may sound, there are actually plants out there that can seriously mess you up. Whether it's inflicting painful stings or causing horrific burns, these plants are to be avoided at all costs. In some cases, they can even be deadly. So if you're planning on spending time in the wilderness, it's important to know which plants to watch out for. Among the most dangerous are poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac. These plants contain a substance called urushiol, which can cause severe irritation and even blistering. Other problematic plants include nettles, stinging trees, and water hemlock. So next time you're hiking through the woods, take care to avoid these plants - or you may regret it!

So if you're looking to have an exciting camping trip or backyard party, be sure to bring along some of these exotic botanical specimens! Just make sure you know what you're dealing with before you ingest any strange leaves or berries. For example, the innocuous-looking dandelion can actually be quite harmful if eaten in large quantities. Learn more about these dangerous plants below.

The pretty pea with a toxic seed. ROSARY PEA CRACKED.co Often made into ornate jewelry, the seeds of the Rosary Pea create a toxin similar to ricin, called abrin. Once in the body, abrin prevents cells from creating protein, leading to cell death. As your liver, spleen, and kidneys start to fail, you'll hallucinate, have seizures and urinate blood.

Source: CDC

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