20 Mundane Dangers Every Apocalypse Story Ignores

In a zombie apocalypse, snorers must be exiled
20 Mundane Dangers Every Apocalypse Story Ignores

Living through an apocalypse is no fun, except for the parts that are really, really fun, at least according to Hollywood. You get to carry big weapons, engage in far more socially acceptable violence than you could before the zombies started attacking or whatever, and reconnect to man’s primal nature in the absence of the trappings of modern society, all while effortlessly maintaining an eternal blowout. It looks dope as hell.

But in a real apocalypse, things would get dire fast, and not in a way that looks exciting on camera. For one thing, you know how you look the morning of a hangover? Yeah, that’s how you’re gonna start, and it’ll only get worse from there. Don’t get us started on the weapons and violence that nobody’s gonna know how to use. What’s gonna take out the most people, though, is the mundane shit no one ever thought about, including and especially literal shit. When user notyouravgredditer asked r/AskReddit, “What problem is often overlooked in apocalyptic movies/TV shows that could kill you?,” Reddit listed a bunch of them. Like…

Empty-Refrigerator Зу ago everyone with a major health issue, if they survived the Apocalyptic start, they wont see the finish... take me for instance, im a transplant patient, kidney transplant, without meds i would be dead within 3 to 5 days due to massive infection same with diabetics not having insulin, Asthmatics not having inhalers, and other kind of disease and genetic issues
12gunner Зу ago I feel like nobody ever considers exhaustion, zombie shows has people fighting and running from zombies all day then when night falls they're still acting as energetic as ever setting up camp or something with barely any signs of fatigue hunger or thirst hell I bet simply feeling a bit tired in those scenarios increases the chance of someone fucking something up and killing or getting killed by accident
boywithapplesauce Зу ago Dogs. We hardly ever see packs of dogs roaming around on these shows, but it's very possible. You could have feral packs running around competing with humans for food.
cgtdream Зу ago Dust from destroyed buildings. Just watched the two latest Godzilla movies, and aside from all the other things that could have killed folks, staring at monsters that are destroying buildings and kicking up all sorts of dust and other air debris, while staring open mouthed, is a great way to get lung damage/encounter breathing issues.
blueneko86 Зу ago Infrastructure collapse. All these Walking Dead/Z Nation/The Stand act like all these things from a bygone era will keep going indefinitely but the reality is that without upkeep you are looking at wildlife destroying buildings, reactors going critical, fires destroying cities, dams collapsing and flooding entire regions, satellites falling to earth in an uncontrolled way, chemicals spilling into rivers and water tables...the list goes on
Amadeum Зу ago Natural disasters. You'd have no fucking clue if a hurricane, flash flood, typhoon, monsoon, or other sharknado events were coming
WatchTheBoom Зу ago Clean drinking water- I don't think people really appreciate how much water is needed for a group of people to survive.
graendallstud Зу ago Diarrhea. So many things can cause it, and it used to be (well, still is in the least developed countries) quite lethal, mostly for babies and children.
BijinRising Зу ago Edited Зу ago Mosquitos in zombie movies. Right? Mosquito bites zombie, then bites you. Suddenly - boom - you're a zombie. Everyone walks around with brain-splattering guns, but you never see anyone with a colossal can of DEET, which is exactly what I would be carrying in a zombie apocalypse.
whinywino89 Зу ago Those of us with shitty eyesight. Contacts only last so long. If your glasses break, you're fucked.
Fedoranz Зу ago Scurvy
nezumipi Зу ago Waste removal, both in the senses of trash and sewage.
heichwozhwbxorb Зу ago Having just sprained an ankle, I'm guessing sprained ankles
Swimming_Ad1061 Зу ago Sunblock. But no one ever has severe sunburns!
mydogisasausage Зу ago There's one thing that's going to fuck us all up soon...no one keeps paper maps in their car anymore. Soon there won't be any around at all.
nezumipi Зу ago Parasites. Not xenomorphs, but tapeworms, ring worms, etc. There are a lot of diseases that used to be endemic before modern sanitation wiped them out.
ColorMeStunned Зу ago Childbirth. Already one of the most dangerous things a person can do, carrying a child to full term and giving birth without proper medical care for either the mother or the baby, well...all you gotta do is look at your history books. Or your average developing country, most of which still have better medical care than you're getting in The Walking Dead. And now the mother has to push her insides back in and run from some zombies? Done for.
pookiefatcat Зу ago Lack of Dental care. A dental infection can take you out right quick. And without treatment that HURTS.
Ladyughsalot1 Зу ago Footwear. Wrong footwear, damaged footwear, lack of socks, wet feet, open wounds..... Once your feet are screwed so is the rest of you.
pabodie Зу ago Snoring, 100%. I think about this all the time. Anyone who snores after the zombies come must be exiled. But most will die quickly.


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