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What A Time To Finish Crossing The Ocean On A Rowboat

Meet Graham Walters, who just spent the last 96 days rowing across the Atlantic Ocean.


Need To Fly Somewhere? Get Ready For Layovers Galore

What once might've been a quick flight is going to become so much longer.


AI Meme Generator Dunks On Humanity

Robots are funnier than any human ever could be.


Pilots Are (Legally) Doing Some No-No's Right Now

The lack of overall traffic is giving pilots the cojones to try stuff they otherwise might not have.


Inside The Black Market For Whiskey

There's never been a better time to get yourself a cheap bottle of rare whiskey.


Dude's Stuck In An Old, Potentially Haunted Mining Town

Instacart doesn't deliver to haunted, abandoned old west towns.


Dumb Cons That Collapsed Hilariously

'Inventing imaginary people' is rarely a long-term success strategy.


No Donald Duck-ing, Wear Pants And Fart Into Your Elbow

You can catch COVID-19 through farts now. Yeah, the world has gone to shit.


German Zoo Has List Of Which Animals Die First

Survival of the financially fittest.


Out Of Curiosity, How Does One 'Ethically Source' A Human Spine?

We have to assume a human spine costs more than five grand, and that's before labor costs.


Dudes Have Been Trying To Cut Their Own Hair During This. It Hasn't Gone Well.

When you get into a wrestling match with your clippers. And lose.


WWE Is (Of Course) Deemed Essential In Florida

Florida is catching wrestling fever -- and the other one.


What Ungodly Creation Is The Pontiac Aztec Trans Am?

A Pontiac Aztec crossed with a Firebird Trans Am might be the only car crossover befitting of our time.