21 Hilarious and Wild Things Plumbers Have Fished Out of Our Drains

Some people need a lesson on what can be flushed down the toilet
21 Hilarious and Wild Things Plumbers Have Fished Out of Our Drains

Plumbers spend the vast majority of their careers freeing excrement from pipes. In fact, the day after Thanksgiving is called “Brown Friday” for obvious, unholy reasons, and remains plumbers’ busiest day of the year. But every now and then, they experience sweet relief from excrement-related adventures and get to snake out something truly bizarre that was lurking inside of a clogged drain. 

To that end, these are some of the funny, weird and downright fascinating obstructions the plumbers of Reddit have uncovered on the job… 

RealDanStaines . 2y A bright orange full-body jumpsuit from the county jail ... 18
Holinyx . 2 2y A 200 ton wad of flushable wipes. Just because it's flushable does NOT mean it's biodegradable. seriously you're fucking up your plumbing. Stop flushing stuff you SHOULD NOT be flushing ... 168
CashLoL . 9y A woman in her 40s got her dildo in there somehow ... 1
reallifeplumber. 9y Carebear. ... 6
Alberta_Matt . 9y A herring (the whole fish), that made it all the way down to the base of the stack, then got stuck, causing the whole system to back up. Another time , found giant dildo stuck in a toilet. One lady tried to flush a ham bone down her toilet. The funniest one I've heard was the ball of condoms found in the toilet of a 16 year old girl. The funny part was when my buddy showed it to the girls father, who then turned purple and left the house without saying a word. ... 21
infestedhead . 9y I snaked a drain for an apartment building and my snake nearly made it to the city line. After pulling the snake back up I discovered a brillo pad had been blocking the line. I have no idea how a brillo pad went down the sink drain, got past the garbage disposal and ran down a 2 inch drain line and then expanded and blocked an entire buildings sink drain. ... 33
schismoto 9y The most interesting was a call for total blockage in an 8 gravity line. The manhole was surcharged pretty bad and it was about 2 drops down from a laundry mat. Two 5-gallon buckets of quarters were blocking the line. How they got flushed I will never know. I just imagine the damage they would've caused if they made it to the force main and got in a pump. Whoa. ... 47
floodingcoyote. . 4y Not a plumber, but I watched my plumber bring out a whole dead teen chicken. It wasn't a baby but it wasn't full grown which is why I said teen. ... 9
Ogitec . 4y I did my trade under some old school plumbers. One of which was very superstitious. Не would clean and disinfect non garbage items he found and keep them on his dash for good luck. Не was 30 years into the trade when I worked with him. Не had dentures, sunglasses, old McDonald's toys, harmonica, cell phones, an animal skull. All kinds of odd items. Was a joy and pleasure to have worked with him and because of him, I keep a few odd items on the dash of my work truck. . It's good juju. ... 1
 4y ... Not a plumber, but just last week we finally got around to fixing a slow drain in our kitchen sink. My husband pulled out what looked like an enormous wad of hair. Now I've got a lot of hair and it does get around. But I couldn't figure out how so much of it got in our kitchen sink- when my husband made an unpleasant sound, and sort of squeak-yelled, it's a MOUSE! Sure enough, for the last few weeks we've been having decomposing mouse water back up into our sink every time we ran the dishwasher
 4y ... Not a plumber. There was once an entire baseball bat stuck in the sewage pipe. I cannot fathom how someone managed this...there's no way it went through a potty. 4 Reply
nucking_figger_ . . 4y My dad owns his own plumbing business and I asked him this not to long ago. His answer was a full carrot that was flushed down the toilet. ... 2
bluemoonflower . . 4y Moved into a convicted murderer's old house and found a human molar in the dishwasher drain.... ... 2
Countdookusdoodoo . . 4y Plumber in western NY here. I've pulled a softball out of a house trap (no idea how it got there), a floppy dildo out of a Tim Hortons bathroom, wrist watches, a couple Spider-Man figures, and a bumblebee transformer.
you90000 . 4y Screwdriver with a condom on it. ... 5
thudly . 4y My cousin's toilet suddenly backed up on him. Nothing would go down. Shit is backing up. The whole place is just disgusting. So he calls a plumber. $800 later, he finds out his GF was embarrassed he would see the earwax on her Q- Tips, so she flushed them every time she used one instead of throwing them in the trash bin. ... 16
DPAWL87 . 4y It's always entertaining finding the sponge dinosaurs in toilets. Especially when the clients kid dumped 10 of them in the toilet. Didn't wait but flushed them and completely blocked the pipe. The camera was entertaining, looking at the colored dinosaurs. Worst thing? An uncovered baseball. My apprentice had spent hours trying to get it out. It just kept unraveling. ... 43
digitalstomp . 4 4y A 20 foot python ... 30
picscomment89. 4y Our plumber was scoping our main sewer line and told the story from another job doi5g the same thing. Не found a massive clump of flushed used condoms on his camera scope blocking he pipe. While the wife and husband looked at the scope video screen. Problem was, the wife said that they didn't use condoms after seeing the blockage. Husband panics and plumber mumbles that they could have washed up from the public sewer line. Knowing that they didn't. ...he said it was really awkward. ... 31
Scottolan 4y We had our main line to the sewer snaked after having a slow drain. The guy pulled out what looked like a green rug.. couldn't figure it out.. then it hit me, my dad flossed every night and threw the floss in the toilet. I guess there was something sharp in the main line to the sewer that it got caught on and the rug was actually a 20 year build up of dental floss. ... 42
HotSunTheory 4y My basement was flooding with water a few months ago. To make a long story short, we called the city to fix a problem with the sewage main on our street. They pulled a dodgeball out. A fully inflated dodgeball was blocking the sewer drain for our entire block. How someone flushed that down the toilet, i will never know ... 258
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