19 Wild, Outlandish and Oddball Jobs People Took for a Paycheck

Some jobs are great, others are weird. These are the latter
19 Wild, Outlandish and Oddball Jobs People Took for a Paycheck

Every kid has a dream job growing up, be it astronautdoctor or rodeo clown. Some kids will make their dreams a reality, while others will soar far beyond their wildest childhood fantasies. Meanwhile, others will take any job that will keep a roof over their head and put food in their belly. Here, we mean the type of character-building jobs that will never come within 500 yards of a resume. And if they do, the job details are going to be creatively embellished beyond recognition because most Fortune 500 companies probably aren’t too keen on hiring a pizza mascot.

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Along these lines, Redditors over the years have shared the bizarre, wild and outright outlandish job opportunities they’ve pursued in order to make a quick buck. They might not have led to a valuable career, but they sure did lead to some silly stories to share online...

 13y ... Not really that weird, but I was Santa Claus at a pet store one year. It's bad enough we lie to our kids, but to our pets? I think most of the cats saw through the bullshit. 71 Reply
thomaslarnold . . 1y Delivering beverage ice to a nudists retreat. People are not attractive... ... 66
AberrantMonk 1y I worked in a place that made prescription orthopedic insoles. You would get plaster molds of feet from the doctor, clean them up, and then mold an insole for the patient. I mostly did finishing stuff and cleanup. Entry level stuff. The craziest part was that the molds were considered medical records, so you had to keep them on hand for six months. So we just had shelves and shelves of plaster feet molds, and every day you would go to the shelf from six months and a day old and throw away a bunch of feet. ...
pekkalacd • . 1y I used to work on a bar strip in a popular city. I would dress up as a pizza slice, sing songs, beatbox, dance, take pictures, and sell pizza to drunk people. It was awesome. ... 72
HarsiTomiii . 1y One of my friend's aunt works as a professional shoplifter Her work is to go into shops and try to shoplift. Later they analyize the act and discuss it with management how to avoid it, what training could the employees go through or what security systems could help them prevent. ... 218
Much_Committee_9355 . 1y Taking paper bags full of cash to people no questions asked. ... 222
IncredulousPulp. 1y As a teen I counted the coins in kiddy rides and public phones. No machine to help me, just a 15 year old lugging around sacks of coins and then counting them by hand in a spare office.
RazeCrusher 1y When I was a teenager, I got a summer job working at a local root and herb production facility. My job was literally just dumping giant sacks of medicinal leaves, usually sassafras, into a giant industrial grinders, then shoveling the powder into a different sack to be sold to overseas markets. The thing was, we'd often have to mix in like anywhere from 20% to 40% filler material, usually some useless plant material, to make more profit because the Chinese buyers will be none the wiser. The kicker is, the person that owned the business that did blatantly
Icewing . 1y I was a stand-in boyfriend for girls to take home during festival periods. Just so the girl don't have to deal with the parents / grandparents grilling them for being single / leftover woman. Was a fun gig, I got free food, meet some nice and interesting people. Stopped now that I'm married but my wife still wants to pimp me out for that extra $ LOL ... 361
Legal_Firefighter_67 - 1y I was a Fortune Cookie Writer. I had a Chinese translator who used to write my quotes in Chinese on the other side. ... 874
AnchovyMargherita. 1y I once asked a guy what he did for work and he told me he 'drove a granny stripper'. I assumed this was slang for some road building or agricultural machinery, but поре... Не was the driver for a 70 year old stripper. ... 1.7k
ORing-0 . . 1y I used to work for the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, Weights and Measures Division- I was in charge of making sure all rulers were exactly 12 inches long. ... 4.2k
Dunce . 13y I was a dancing coyote in a steakhouse. ... 9
isoblat . 13y I worked in a factory cleaning machines that manufactured the cleaning utensils i was using to clean the machines I cleaned two machines a day ... 10
BlackbeltJones 13y Dog Sweater factory. I worked with a bunch of illegal immigrants and I made less than minimum wage- $3.80/hr when when minimum wage was $4.25. Do you wanna job, or do you wanna make a big fuckin' deal about it? My charming boss frightened an old lady and she fell down the stairs, so the position became available. It used to be a peanut butter rendering plant. The basement had all these decades-old drums of rotting lard that gave the factory quite a unique smell. In one summer, I sorted, packaged, and inspected 27,000 dog sweaters. ... 29
stargaze 13y I : dont know about weird...but interesting...i worked for a mafia front pizza shop they were filtering money from prostitution and stolen good through the shop...while i was also homeless and selling drugs, so my friends could pay for said drugs via credit cards and checks as my tip, my boss knew what i was doing and congratulated me on laundering money properly...they would make me a couple free pizzas for me every night and let me sink shower in the bathroom every day before i started my shift, let me lock up extra drugs or money in
scrumpydoo23 . 1 13y I used to force-feed rabbits baked beans. ... 41
brock_lee 13y Two summers in college I worked in warehouses as a temp. Most of that time, I was in a film manufacturer, packing film in boxes. But, one place was a watch importer. All kinds of watches, some very valuable. When you left, you had to get wanded to make sure you were not stealing. I was there two or three weeks. I literally had no idea what they wanted me to do. So, most of the time, I grabbed a broom, and slowly swept the warehouse. No one ever gave me any other direction. When I was about
squig 13y I turned up to Dominos really stoned once. Ordered my pizza, and then I got asked: Do you have a licence? To which I responded with a cautions Yes, why? Can you take one of us on a delivery? We don't have our licences, and the boss isn't here I stood there stunned for a moment while they followed up with: Oh, your pizza will be free I was sold. Not only would I get to drive the Dominos delivery car, while rather stoned (irresponsible, I know), but I would also get FREE pizza for my adventure. Sure
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