Here’s Who Reddit Wants to Host ‘SNL’ This Fall

Spoiler alert: Reddit loves funny guys with accordions
Here’s Who Reddit Wants to Host ‘SNL’ This Fall

We’ve got a writers’ strike to settle, and likely an actors’ one to put to bed after that, but eventually, we will have a forty-ninth season of Saturday Night Live. Who will be on the hosting roster? Will Pete Davidson, Kieran Culkin and Jennifer Coolidge get a second shot after their scheduled star turns got canceled last spring? Or could it be one of the comedy greats who never got a chance to host? Redditors on the r/LiveFromNewYork subreddit weighed on who they’d like to see on the Studio 8H stage — here are their top five choices, based on most upvotes.

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Steve Martin/Martin Short/Selena Gomez

This one is a no-brainer, considering Martin and Short are Lorne Michaels buddies on par with Paul Simon and Paul McCartney, not to mention that their hosting gig last December was the highest rated episode of the season. Is there enough stage time to go around for three hosts? Martin and Short have done it before, teaming up with Chevy Chase to promote Three Amigos in 1986 and reprising the bit for SNL’s 25th anniversary show.

Cillian Murphy

The other 2023 pop-culture ringer would have to be Cillian Murphy, star of Oscar front-runner Oppenheimer. u/smartcool might have gotten off the best line in the entire thread: “Would the actor who played Oppenheimer be a good choice or do you think he'd bomb?” Oh, the monologue practically writes itself.

Conan O’Brien

We’re not sure what’s behind all the Conan love, but why not? Big Red certainly has the pedigree, serving as one of the show’s writers in the 1990s and returning to host in the 2000s. He was also one of the geniuses behind the Nude Beach sketch, making the airwaves safe for repeated mentions of human genitalia.

Daniel Radcliffe with musical guest Weird Al Yankovic

The Radcliffe/Weird Al pairing has more votes than all of the other nominated hosts combined, though some suggested a switch-up, with Weird Al hosting and Radcliffe and his accordion serving as musical guest. It’s not the first time this subreddit has taken up Weird Al’s cause, with at least ten other threads over the years devoted to Yankovic pleas to Lorne Michaels. Could fans Betty White this thing and get their guy the love they believe he deserves?

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