More Times Chevy Chase Was a Jerk, According to Steve Martin and Martin Short

Leave it to Chevy to ruin the holidays
More Times Chevy Chase Was a Jerk, According to Steve Martin and Martin Short

On a 2021 press tour for Only Murders in the Building, a reporter from The Guardian asked Martin Short and Steve Martin to compare their old Three Amigos costar Chevy Chase to their new comedy partner Selena Gomez.

“Well, Selena listened,” said Short.

“I guess there couldn’t be two people more different,” concluded Martin.

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If that sounds like polite-ish code for “Chevy is an a-hole,” that’s because stories about Chase being a jerk are seemingly endless. And just when you think you’ve heard them all, Martin and Short share a few new ones this week on the Fly on the Wall podcast. Here are three more sour apples to add to Chevy’s history of being terrible

Chevy Is a Jerk to Charlton Heston

“Here's a Chevy story,” begins Short. “This is 1989 and it's the AFI tribute to Gregory Peck,” the beloved star of Roman Holiday and To Kill A Mockingbird. “We're all excited and my wife Nancy and I go with the Chases. And at one point, Charlton Heston gets up and says, ‘I guess you could say, Greg, that I've been one lucky guy.’”

“And Chevy without looking up from his steak screams, ‘I'll say!’” 

Heston, understandably, was thrown by the interruption, looking around to see who was roasting him during a speech to honor a Hollywood legend. Chase, enjoying his filet, never let on.

Chevy Is a Jerk to Bryant Gumbel

“When we were promoting Three Amigos, we were on The Today Show,” remembered Short. “Bryant Gumbel said to Steve, ‘Now what would you say if people say this film is just silly?’”

“And Chevy says, ‘Oh, by the way, I make six million dollars a movie,’” laughed Martin. 

Short chimed in with the rest of Chase’s response: “‘I could buy and sell this place.’” 


Chevy Is a Christmas Jerk

Martin offered a third Chase story with a holiday theme. “Marty used to throw an annual Christmas party at his house,” he said. Short would “invite all his friends and the deal was that everybody had to get up and do something. And people would prepare, they wouldn't prepare, they'd sing a song.” 

Martin confessed that he’d worked on a banjo song for months to prepare for that night. “Auld Lang Syne, as a matter of fact. I worked on it for a year. Chevy was there and I knew he had nothing. So I do my thing then they call Chevy up.”

Time to spread a little Christmas cheer? Not our Chevy. “He starts off like this: ‘You have to forgive me.’ And I know he's ad-libbing this. ‘You have to forgive me. I'm a little depressed tonight because I lost my entire family.’”

“‘Who would have thought a plane would land on a boat?’”

Happy holidays, everyone!

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