20 Wild Stories About Wild Parties

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20 Wild Stories About Wild Parties

Wild parties have existed ever since people discovered booze and nudity. Whether it’s a blowout bash where literally everyone caught on fire or a combination gender reveal/pipe-bomb fiasco, rocking out as hard as humanly possible has endured throughout history. I mean, even the Founding Fathers used to get twisted. 

And while the shape and form of partying has changed over the years, one fact remains consistent: A true rager makes for a hell of a good story over breakfast the next day. In that vein, Redditors have shared some of the most insane parties they went to and lived to tell us about…

wickstone 10y When I was in my late teens/early twenties I used to organize a beach party around the back of a huge cliff. The beach was difficult to get to. There was only one small winding dirt path down to this beach and most people didn't even know about this path. The first year there was only me and about ten other friends. By the sixth and final year there was over 1000 people on the beach and over 1000 more being turned away by the police at the top of the dirt path. My friends and I had
DrVanNostron 10y My neighbors down the street were having a party back when we were all in college. I worked nights at a restaurant so I would always show up places whenever people were good and drunk. On this particular night, I walked down the street to their house and entered the living room where I saw everyone had convened and was chanting, in unison, BEAR! BEAR! BEAR! My friend, nicknamed Bear for obvious aesthetic reasons, was butt naked in the center of the crowd and running in place, as if he was winding up. Everyone chanted louder and louder
evanman69 . 1 10y I went to a party back in the 90's. Is it safe to say that a party is out of control when you walk into a room and someone throws a baby at you? ... 48
Poezestrepe . 10y I stopped at a friends place once around 11 AM to drop off something he'd left at our place. Не invited us in for a quick drink, and somehow it became the greatest party I've ever been to. The next thing I remember, it was 24 hours later. We still talk about 'the day that vanished' sometimes, but for obvious reasons, those conversations tends to be short-lived. ... 110
JustKrat . 10y For some dumbass reason we started watching The Little Mermaid. During the part with the octopus lady, my friend didn't enjoy it so he took the VHS and threw it at a lamp. ... 189
Pawrestler95 10y A normal Banger at my friends house, but heres the catch. Over the fence theres about 5 feet of land then boom, Big ass cliff all the way down to the street hundreds of feet below. Long story short the cops bust the party and in full fledge drunkenness kids are hoping the fence. Cops realize whats happening and start begging people to not run. Kids are now hanging on to trees for their life, the cops went from full fledge Lets bust these stupid HighSchoolers to Holy shit, kids are about to die 4 years later, the
Aus_Guap 10y Had a crazy night that ended in a penthouse apartment. Only an hour after passing out we were woken by the German equivalent of SWAT and 20+ German police officers who thought we had murdered someone. The chief was wearing sweat pants as he was called out of bed to attend the scene on a Saturday morning. Pretty crazy.. ... 432
BadSysadmin 10y BBQ gradually descended into an orgy. Highlights included: Someone smoking opium Random hookup in a sauna cheered on by everyone outside, including the girl's boyfriend Someone being set on fire (on purpose) Homemade absinthe Knife show-and-tell, won by a sword-umbrella Neighbors complaining after being woken up by noisy BDSM scene involving whips in the garden Don't party with goths, you can't keep up. ... 350
Kaevek131 10y I was at a college party with my brother and the cops showed up to bust it up. Well, one wasted guy heard that the cops were there so he did the first logical thing he could think of... he dove out the window. Not too crazy, except the window was closed. Не shattered through the window and started running. The cops saw him do this and chased him down. Не ended up resisting arrest which was entertaining for a while. Found out he was 22, and had no reason to run but he was just that wasted.
JakeEllz . 7y floor caved in at an apartment party. the carpet was the only thing holding everyone up. People were falling, others were trying to climb up the carpet wall that led into the kitchen to try and escape the building. i i felt bad for the dude that lived below. shit was outrageous. ... 7.2k
N820RS 7y Guy drinks whole bottle of bourbon at a party I'm at. Passes out on the deck. Two guys come in from an undisclosed location and pop an IV in him and get him up and running again. They casually leave. Two weeks later I found out that they were the neighbors and they had been watching us and thinking of old times partying in the military. They saw this happen and came over to keep the party going. Two weeks, though, no one knew who they were. Good way to meet the neighbors I guess. ... 3.4k
Aspaceotter . 6y My friend(now roommate) went to a house party with me once. I spent like two hours trying to find him, he was lodged behind a couch and a wall perfectly hidden. Не is around 300 pounds and over six feet tall. We had a whole house full of people trying to find him, we only found him because he woke up for a second laughed and yelled, WHOOOO! then passed right back out. ... 1.5k
hugitoutguys . . 9y A stripper tried to do a cool move where he did a roundhouse over another girls head. Except he kicked her. She got a concussion and threw up in a trashbag the entire limo ride to the hospital. ... 1.1k
twyst976. 3y So I used to throw a ton of late night after parties and I had a very anti-social roommate who would just stay in his room and ignore them. Не didn't complain or anything just wanted to be left alone. So this one night these two girls are making out pretty heavy and leaning on his door and I am walking by as he opens the door and they fall in at his feet. Не nonchalantly steps over them and hits the bathroom. They would not be deterred and started going back at it on his floor, half
lucozade_throwaway . Зу A man. We were all about 16/17, friends parents had gone away for the weekend so she threw a party. At some point during the night this man who looked to be in his late 30s was suddenly there, we checked around and nobody knew him (even the hosts) but we all felt awkward saying anything. Не just sat on an armchair drinking and looking around, I went to bed at about 4am and he was still there. ... 187
RockClimber247 . Зу Note: I'm a volunteer fire fighter. Most of my friends are fire fighters. I was at a party filled with talented men from my department and other departments. Yes they some how managed to almost set the woods ablaze with a big ole bonfire that some one free throwed a jug of gasoline into it. Watching everyone scramble to get it out....wild Imao ... 67
bunniesndepression . . 3y Went inside to pee for two seconds, came out to find the pools diving board on fire as well as a canister and everyone screaming ... 30
neutronfish 7y A girl was incredibly drunk and in a bad mood about not getting laid that night, which is generally a terrible combination. At one point, she, with the appropriately loud woo! knelt on the floor flashed everyone in the room, stopping and locking eyes with... her brother who had come down from the second floor to see what the commotion was all about. In silence, she put her breasts away, he turned around with military precision, and walked back upstairs. For the next minute, you could've heard a pin drop until people slowly started talking and drinking again.
Standard_Wooden_Door . . 7y Saw a guy puking into a Santa hat and then proceeded to chuck it at someone. Which was even more weird because it was the middle of the summer. 218
lostmessage256 . 7y The morning after a party, a bunch of people spent the night and were sleeping all around the living room. One guy momentarily woke up, still very drunk, opened the fridge, peed INTO it thinking it was a urinal, closed the fridge, laid down on the kitchen floor and passed back out. I was also pretty drunk at the time and watched it as if it was a disaster happening in slow motion. I may have even shouted oh NOOOOOO in slow motion. Felt like the right thing to do. ... 196
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