31 Random Facts We Just Thought Were Kinda Neat

31 Random Facts We Just Thought Were Kinda Neat

Ever learn about something neat and just had to share it? Like it's a random fact about nothing in particular, but you're dying to text it to a friend, call your parents to talk about it, send a mass work email, impress your date with it, arrange an appointment with your physician, or even just go to church and confess about it to a priest just so you had someone to talk to? Has that ever happened to you? Then stop right here!

We at Cracked empathize with this feeling but you really shouldn't bother people about it, except us. Post a comment, shoot an email, or send a raven to share this tidbit of information with us. We love it.

In return, we have 31 neat facts we would like to share with you to keep the circle going and unbroken. Take a look at some these odd factoids below.

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