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5 People So Blinded By Their Hobbies They Forgot To Live

If you ever find yourself doing anything like the following, burn it all to the ground, hug your family, and apologize profusely for so coldly ignoring them all these years.


I Grew Up In A Racist Militia: 5 Things I Learned

We spoke to a regular guy who was raised in 1980s South Africa by members of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB), white supremacists who thought apartheid was far too generous to black citizens.


The Logic Behind 13 Of History's Craziest Vehicles

'We're going to make this keg fly.'


10 Bizarre Products Clearly Designed By Psychopaths

The PetPeek is a plastic window you install in your fence to allow your dog to bark at more things, more frequently.


Healing Through Magic: Scientology's Drug Rehab Program

Scientology hasn't let their extremely limited understanding of drugs and medicine stop them from treating drug addicts.


5 Documentaries That Perfectly Explain Society's Problems

Documentaries often provide a quick and easy way to learn the history and details behind almost any major news story that catches your attention.


Advertising Lies You Believe On A Daily Basis

These are common advertising claims that aren't just half-truths; they're empty nonsense which advertisers have tricked us into thinking actually convey information.


5 Geniuses Ridiculed And Fired For Being Right Too Soon

Great ideas can be unfortunately difficult to recognize but extremely easy to dismiss ... until, of course, it's too late.


People Think You're A Dick: 5 Facts About Hearing Problems

It turns out a small hearing impairment is more than just a minor inconvenience.


Why The Laws Of Robotics Would Defeat Robocop

Violently wasting criminals probably isn't your purpose here.


5 Summer Activities To Be Eager For (If You Like Sadness)

What starts as a promising rush toward the future ends in unforeseen tragedy.


4 Awkward Life Situations You Can Never Be Prepared For

Showering at someone else's house is never as easy as it seems.


6 Seemingly Innocent Places Secretly Teeming With Criminals

Everyone needs a place where they can blow off some steam, and it turns out that for celebrities that place is Waffle House.


7 Life-Saving Tips (To Remind You That Death Is Inescapable)

Our lives are largely out of our control, and no amount of healthy living will save us from our eventual demise. Unless ...


The 5 Most Moronic Food Trends Of 2016 (So Far)

Seaweed is supposed to be 'the new kale.' It's not. It's the old seaweed.