12 Baffling Bits Of News From Communities Around The World

12 Baffling Bits Of News From Communities Around The World

You might have thought you're really into Mario Kart, but have you ever tried to race karts on an actual road? No? Well, there’s a couple of British guys doing it. Here are the full details on that and 11 other totally weird things happening right now:

WEIRD WORLD Politicians in Peru are courting the otaku vote. One parliamentary candidate said I have been otaku all my life, but I found a very similar theoretical framework between politics and anime. He's just one of the politicians who are dressing up as anime characters and going into communities

Source: EFE

WEIRD WORLD Apparently, a New Jersey deli is worth $100 million. enen DELI 856067-5330 The deli is owned by the company Hometown International, which owns nothing elsec-and, somehow, its stock is trading at a price that corresponds to a valuation of $100 million.

Source: CNBC

WEIRD WORLD A man in Taiwan remarried his wife three times to get time off. The bank where he works gives eight days off with pay for a wedding, so he married her four times and divorced three times, over and over, to get free vacations. The bank only approved

Source: Yahoo

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