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You Legally Can't Criticize Goldman Sachs With Their Own Font; We Did It With Other Ones

If you can't type anything nice, don't type nothing at all.


Canned Tuna CEO Is Going To Prison For Over-Charging You

'One of the largest and most pernicious price-fixing conspiracies ever prosecuted.'


Incredibly Badass Protest Pups From Around The World

These heckin' doggos will heck you up.


4 Recent Dumbass Conspiracies People Put Into The World

Behold, the worst conspiracies of now.


Japanese Condom Maker Created A Bonkers Anime About Safe-Sex

There are some valuable lessons to be learned between all the sperm energy balls and Lube Warriors.


The Crazy Story of the Fake Burger King In Pittsburgh

Every city has its own fast food urban legend, here's Pittsburgh's.


West Virginians Want To Tear Down Confederate Statues, Replace Them With Mothman

The only question is if other states are smart enough to follow suit.


Nature Is Returning -- To F Us Up

Animals have taken to the streets and they aren't giving them back.


We Have Become Accustomed To Constant Mass Death

Why are we still reopening despite mass death all around us? It might be because people have just accepted it.


A Bonkers Murder Mystery Was Unfolding Throughout This

You'd think doomsday cults, cross-country manhunts, and multiple corpses would warrant a hashtag.


How Protesters Are Trolling The Cops

Twitter has given us a great window into trolling happening all over the world.


Bigots That Owned Themselves In The Funniest Way Possible

We all need a laugh right now and oh boy, there's nothing than a bigot getting hoisted on their own petard.


Maybe Chill A Bit On Comparing Political Strife To Nerdy Pop Culture

Maybe Sonic The Hedgehog Isn't the best way to express your #BLM support?


What's With Dudes Using Medieval Weapons To Attack Protesters?

These men lie in the intersection of extreme nerd, extreme idiot, and extreme bigot.