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5 Things You Learn Pretending To Be A Businessman In China

Chinese companies will hire random white people to attend meetings, banquets, etc. to create the (false) impression that they have connections in the U.S.


5 Reasons Cryptocurrency Is Way Dumber Than You Thought

Hey, remember how you never invested in Bitcoin in 2009 because you'd never heard of Bitcoin and didn't really care about magic internet money? Same.


5 Reasons Growing Old In 2010's Is A Total Nightmare

Good news: People are living longer than ever. Bad news: what we just said.


5 US Government Screw-Ups That Are Funny Yet Terrifying

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6 Pieces Of Fan Art That Prove We're Doomed

Fan art can be fun and creative ... or really, really weird. Guess which type we're gonna talk about here.


5 Crazy Recent News Stories That Didn't Get Enough Attention

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5 Crazy Scenarios You Didn't Know The Constitution Allows

Politicians cherry-pick amendments to quote, but they consistently leave out the wildest, juiciest, and downright crazy parts that could change the country as we know it in a heartbeat.


The Real Santa Claus' Corpse Is Scattered All Across Europe

Lots of different countries claim to be the resting place of Ol' Saint Nick.


5 More Dumb Questions With Surprisingly Interesting Answers

These random questions usually flee my mind before I can do anything about them. Every once in a while, though, I remember to actually look them up and share the answers with you.