12 Mythbusting Moments Necessary Because of Tabloids

No, Richard Simmons is not trans.
12 Mythbusting Moments Necessary Because of Tabloids

Ah, the internet - a place of infinite knowledge, where you can find out anything you want to know. But it can also be a place of misinformation, where rumors and false stories spread like wildfire. This list is a collection of some of the most outrageous and unbelievable stories that have been circulating on the internet, thanks to tabloids, in recent years. From scientists drilling too deep and unleashing Hell, to false rumors about famous people, this list has it all. 

We all know that tabloids are notorious for spreading false stories, and this list shows just how far they are willing to go. We also see how quickly rumors can spread and how much distress they can cause to those involved. We also find out how celebrities like Jeff Bezos, Richard Simmons, and Olivia Newton-John have been affected by these false stories.

So, if you're looking for a good laugh, and/or just want to learn more about the power of misinformation, this list is for you.

Exploring space, one alien-friendly image at a time.

CRACKED NASA BROADCASTING PORN INTO OUTER SPACE Rumor has it that NASA is thinking about sending nude pictures into space to try and get the attention of aliens... which somehow grew out of NASA trying to figure out what kind of message they could send to aliens that would best represent humans.


Vaccine fearmongering: not helpful.

CRACKED usa BILL GATES TRYING TO COMMIT GENOCIDE THROUGH VACCINATION (???) Bill Gates isn't somehow trying to reduce the world's population by forcing people to get vaccinations (as reported by Irish tabloid The Sovereign Independent). Gates has been working to slow population growth, but definitely not by killing people.


Fear-mongering over Afghan refugee's age.

CRACKED ORDEN REFUGEES BEING JIHADIS IN DISGUISE A British foster mother took in an Afghan refugee who was 12 years old, but it turned out he was actually 21 and had been trained as a jihadi. This (totally fake) story, which was spread by tabloids, sadly caused a ton of fear and mistrust of refugees.

Snopes / Slate 

Aliens don't exist, but trouble does.

CRACKED BUZZ ALDRIN CONFIRMING THAT ALIENS EXIST Rumor has it that Buzz Aldrin took some kind of lie detector test that supposedly revealed the truth about aliens. But the truth is, he hasn't, and he's never said he's seen a UFO or any proof of aliens.


Rumor causes distress, but thankfully false.

CRACKED OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN BEING ON DEATH'S DOOR IN 2018 Olivia Newton-John's family and fans were shocked and upset when a 2018 tabloid rumor spread that she only had weeks to live because of her cancer coming back. They had to come out and deny it outright (and she lived for years afterwards).

Snopes / ABC 

False tabloid stories: Clint Eastwood 1, National Enquirer 0.

CRACKED CLINT EASTWOOD'S PRIVATE LIFE Clint Eastwood sued the National Enquirer for publishing an interview that totally made up facts about his private life, and ended up winning $650,000 in attorney's fees. (see, we got all the way to end without a fistful of dollars joke).

E Online / 5mbs 

"Crap" and a total lie.

CRACKED RICHARD SIMMONS TRANSITIONING Richard Simmons was reportedly transitioning and becoming Fiona. This (fake) news caused a lot of distress for Richard, his family, and his fans, and his spokesman Tom Estey has strongly denied it, calling it crap and a total lie.


Divorce rumors: still going strong.

CRACKED DR. PHIL AND ROBIN MCGRAW'S DIVORCE Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw have been dealing with a false rumor about their divorce for over 10 years, spread by tabloids, which has caused stress and hurt their careers. Well, you might consider hurting Dr. Phil's career a public service, but still.


Goliath: Fact or Fiction?

CRACKED PARTI GOLIATH'S EXISTENCE Pictures of a giant skeleton have been spread by tabloids since 1993, and they've been claimed to be the remains of the biblical giant Goliath. This has caused a lot of confusion about whether Goliath actually existed (spoiler: probably not).


Scientists drill too deep, unleash Hell.

CRACKED THE WELL TO HELL Scientists who were drilling in Siberia went too far and accidentally created a hole that opened up to what some believe is Hell, Weekly World News (among others) claimed. This got spread by too many sources, including Christian groups.


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