15 Bits Of Trivia That Kicked Our Brains Square In The Ass

15 Bits Of Trivia That Kicked Our Brains Square In The Ass

Step up to the plate and get ready to knock these facts out of the park! Did you know that the Atlantic Ocean is the saltiest of the three major oceans, thanks to large rivers like the Amazon depositing more salt from land? It's like a salty curveball that batters can't resist swinging at. And speaking of being a little off-center, did you know that men are 2% more likely to be left-handed than women? It's a real mystery that even the best baseball statisticians can't solve. And finally, Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra cost a whopping $44 million to make in 1963 which is over 350 million dollars today- that's a lot of moneyballs! As you can tell we know a lot about baseball, and even more about fun facts! So grab your glove because we’ve hit a home run with these fun and fascinating facts about salty seas, lefty lads, and Hollywood's most expensive queen.

Thick Blue Line

CRACKED POLICE OFFICERS DON'T EVEN CRACK THE TOP TEN MOST DANGEROUS JOBS IN AMERICA. PIZZA Delivery drivers, loggers, and crossing guards all beat out police officers when it comes to workplace danger.


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