15 Weird Things That Washed Up From The Ocean

It's not all pretty shells and seaglass.
15 Weird Things That Washed Up From The Ocean

The ocean is supposedly the birthplace of all life, which is pretty poetic. But as is often the case, reality is a little less romantic. Way, way more has washed up from the sea. And some things that turn up on the beach are objectively baffling.

For example:

French beaches are covered in Garfield phones. For 30 years beachgoers have stumbled upon the novelty phones on beaches in the French region of Britta
In 1997 a rogue wave unleashed 5 million Legos into the ocean. The Legos were on the cargo ship Tokio Express when what the captain called a once in
Hurricane Sandy dredged up long lost WWII love letters. line Lyn, fe larling o gring buy noey m Quet ir my mean this torma Kathleen Chaney and her son
In 2019 a small Russian village discovered two radioactive barges hanging out on their beach. 3aB.N2 The barges may have been involved in a nuclear ac
A billion of these creatures washed up on West Coast beaches. While they look like blue jellyfish, the creatures are actually Velella velella or by-t
A xenomorph washed up on a Texas beach. A woman shared this bizarre, seemingly eyeless creature on Twitter after the passing of Hurricane Harvey in 20
After the 2011 earthquake, a Japanese Harley-Davison washed up on a Canadian beach 4,000 miles away. The bike was tracked down to Ikuo Yokoyama, a Jap
Hundreds of ancient artifacts have washed up on a Dutch beach known as the sand engine. The Zandmotor, or sand engine, is an artifical beach built
Thousand of giant snowballs appeared on this Siberian beach. The snowballs, some of which weighed up to 75 pounds, astounded the locals and covered a
In 1919, a German u-boat washed ashore in England. German subrarind, U.118 washed Ashore Hastin The 267-foot-long submarine was being towed for scrapp
A mysterious, legless man was found dying on a beach near a small town in Nova Scotia. OGL Jerome of Nova Scotia, as he became known, lived the rest
According to legend, a woman in a strange ship washed ashore in 19th century Japan. 1-2 Known as the Utsuro-bun the woman was said to have exotic red
In 2001 a half ton of cocaine washed ashore sao Miguel, changing the island forever. The enormous supply of cocaine, which had been left in the ocean
Rubber ducks from the 90s can be found on beaches worldwide. The Friendly Floatees are a shipment of rubber ducks that was lost at sea in the 90s an
In the 80s, New Jersey beaches were hit by a syringe tide. OT 30 40 60 90 Medical waste, including used syringes, leaked from a New York landfill and
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