13 Bizarre, Disgusting and Unbelievable Infestations

Forget traps. You’re gonna need a bulldozer.
13 Bizarre, Disgusting and Unbelievable Infestations

Well, our skin was crawling while we rounded up these facts, so if you want to delve into this bad boy, get ready for the tingles. Fortunately, you can just read about these from the safety of your… LOOK BEHIND YOU!!! Reading that probably didn’t have the shocking effect that we hoped for, but we work with what we have, okay?! Honestly though, if you think reading about these is chilling, imagine actually being “ankle deep” in creepy crawlies, or have so much of something in your house that you could taste them in the water.

Facts-wise, some of these numbers are just astounding. 3.8 million of anything is just way too much. Maybe Skittles, we’d be fine with those. Sometimes, the numbers were so incalculable that these pests were measured in how much land they covered. “Pests” is too cutesy a word for them. Being “pestered” by something seems like it could be remedied with one flick of the wrist. Bulldozers, tactical teams, and even a gang of deputized cats were needed for these 13 bizarre, disgusting, and unbelievable infestations.

It doesn’t get more nightmarish than this.

CRACKED SNAKE WATER. The Idaho home's previous owners stated that the house had snakes, but current owner Ben Sessions found out it had so many snakes that his family could taste them in the water. They could hear them in the walls at night, and the house was foreclosed.


Sting my kids, just leave me some of that sweet, sweet honey.

CRACKED BUSY, BUSY BEES. Hundreds of thousands of bees infested the Houston home of Josie Parra. They terrorized her family for over 2 years, but on the bright side, she harvested over 200 lbs of honey.

Realtor / Terminix 

Do you swear to kill rats to the best of your abilities?

CRACKED CHICAGO'S ANTI-RAT CAT DEPUTIES. When a Chicago resident said she had about 400 rats living next door, the Humane Society enlisted the help of a feral cat colony. The program was so successful that other neighborhoods requested their own anti-rat feline deputies.


Long before humans, rats ran Australia.

CRACKED A CONTINENT-WIDE INFESTATION. Australian rats today are descendants of a single invasive rat species that arrived on floating coconut palm leaves over 6 million years ago. Today, it is estimated that Sydney, Australia alone has over 500 million rats.

CNN / Wikipedia 

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