13 Promotional Hashtags That Blew Up In Corporate’s Face

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13 Promotional Hashtags That Blew Up In Corporate’s Face

Of all the suits in that boardroom meeting, nobody thought these were bad ideas? Really?! They all looked at the hashtags written up on that whiteboard, and thought there was no way that anyone could misconstrue them as sexually suggestive? 

And if you’re a company who is on the business end of some bad PR, make sure you don’t give people a social media megaphone to amplify their distaste. It’s the internet. People will not only call out the ridiculousness of your oversight, they’ll double down and spread it until you’re forced to scrap the whole thing. 

These oversights were so hilariously brutal. Part of us feels bad for the innocent, uncorrupted minds who didn’t see the immaturity lurking around the corner. Then again, maybe they weren’t complete oversights. Maybe a disgruntled employee saw the soon-to-be-failure and just nodded along like, “Great idea, Bill. Launch this bad boy tomorrow!” Maybe that disgruntled employee actually suggested it in the first place. How else can you explain the complete buffoonery of these 13 promotional hashtags that immediately blew up in the company’s face?

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CRACKED #QantasLuxury Aussie airline Qantas asked customers to share their experiences just one day after the airline grounded their fleet and locked out staff over a union dispute. Disgruntled staff and customers used the hashtag to put them on blast. QANTAS ............ Spirit of Australia


Wait, why is BLM’s instagram just black squares?!

CRACKED BLM's #BlackOutTuesday Originally #TheShowMustBePaused, black squares shared by musicians went viral and morphed into #BlackOutTuesday by the public. Black squares flooded the BLM hashtag, pushing down helpful info and images of protests. #blacklivesmatter 11,976,679 posts Follow Top posts


If your reputation isn’t spotless, don’t ask!

CRACKED #myNYPD Hoping to improve citizen/police relations, the NYPD asked followers to post pictures of themselves with cops. Over 70,000 tweets of police brutality flooded Twitter, immediately shutting down the campaign. P BEST OLICE


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