13 Brands That Addressed Sensitive Issues In Cringeworthy Ways

13 Brands That Addressed Sensitive Issues In Cringeworthy Ways

The purpose of brands is to make money, which makes any attempt at addressing deep-seated social issues already suspect. Add additional bad judgment (and most likely a homogenous workplace), and, bam, you've got yourself an ad worthy of some serious cringe. Here are some examples of ways brands have addressed (or failed to consider) sensitive topics. Just a warning, they are seriously offensive.

Accidental domestic abuse endorsement TORONTO ARGONAUTS OPENER. H HOME IS WHERE ALL A THE HEART iS. RONA NISSAN 2N IT'S ALSO WHERE WE 95 2s Hurt peaple. DE HA -CRACKEDCO ALL Football has a ong-running continued issue with family violence, which makes this poorly-worded ad for the Toronto Argonauts even

Pepsi commercializes Black Lives Matter PEPSI In the 2017 commercial, millionaire Kendall Jenner walks through a crowd of protestors to give a can of soda to a cop, and everyone cheers as systemic inequality is solved!

Nivea made a white supremacy ad. NIVEA WHITE IS PURITY L The Facebook ad ran with the caption, Keep it clean, keep it bright. Don't let anything ruin it and was targeted to customers in the Middle East.

Nivea made another racist ad. NIVEA HIVEA 4 BE.CIVI RE-CIILIZE YOURSEI CRACKED COM The 2011 magazine ad states that havinng a beard and an afro is uncivilzed in this terribly racist ad, which they eventually pulled after backlash.

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