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Two Awesome Products Combined to Make A Terrible One

Combining two great products that, when put together, make their own uniquely horrific clamato.


The 6 Most Insane Cities Ever Planned

Cities are all pretty much the same, but if any of these designers had had his way, every city would be a bizarre, science fiction-esque habitat.


The Questionable Expenses of Famous Fictional Characters

TV and movie writers are bad at accounting, as anyone from New York will tell you while scoffing at the apartments that waitresses and newspaper columnists live in on Friends and Sex and the City.



5 Self-Defense Books for Women (Who Want to Lose a Fight)

Ladies, it is time to chew bubblegum and to kick ass. And we are all out of bubblegum, kick, and ass! These are five self-defense books so bad that by the time you're done reading them, YOU'LL BE DEAD.


The 6 Most Disastrous Attempts at Internet Damage Control

They call it the Streisand Effect, and it happens any time people try to suppress Internet criticism, then see it blow up hilariously in their faces.


18 Things I Regret Doing As Your Mall Elf: An Apology

I am sorry about December 9th, when I used my power as Line Elf to manipulate the length of the line. I'd like to say I intended to make Santa look more popular than he was by keeping the line long, but really I think I was just trying to get single women to flirt their way to the head of the line.


6 Ways Cities Are Getting Into the Attention-Whore Game

Sad attention grabs are something you expect from reality show characters or self-important activists, people who don't really have any dignity to lose. Surely our civic institutions are above all that. Right?


6 Crackpot Conspiracy Theories (That Actually Happened)

in the course of looking down our noses at the nutjobs who spread urban legends and conspiracy theories, we have to sometimes stop and point out that there are downright terrifying historical precedents for even their craziest of claims.


The 6 Most Pointless Supervillain Schemes Ever Hatched

Most supervillain schemes are pretty stupid, when you think about it: Lex Luthor wanted to get rich with a ridiculous real state scam in the first Superman movie, and that's considered a classic. Again: a real estate scam. YOU HAVE MISSILES, DUDE!


6 Website Error Messages That Would Save Time

If error messages actually provided useful information.



The 5 Ballsiest Acts of Undercover Journalism Ever

As brave as undercover cops have to be to rub elbows with mob bosses and murderers, we submit that there is one group with even bigger balls: undercover journalists. So let's pause to salute these folks.


The Worst Toy of the 80s, Explained! [Man Comics]

A special edition of Man Comics, brought to you by the worst action figures ever conceived.