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The World of Today (Minus One Crucial Invention)

What would the world look like if the invention that you rely on most on a daily basis had never been invented?


The 10 Most Unintentionally Hilarious Toys Exported by China

If you're in the market for joy and magic, every single one of these is on the shelves now.


8 Amazing Works of Art You Need a Microscope to Appreciate

At the risk of rewarding those who showboat, here are folks who picked the hardest possible medium to create their work and straight owned it.


29 Video Game Characters That Would Be Horrifying in Reality

Video games do a pretty good job of avoiding the uncanniest corners of the uncanny valley. But if you spend enough time in one, you can't help but wonder how the characters you encounter there would translate to the real world.


The 7 Stupidest Things That Make People Proud

Some people pat themselves on the back for the strangest things.


5 Online Petitions That Prove Democracy is Broken

the person asking Yahoo Answers 'How is babby formed?' doesn't just have the same number of votes as you -- they and their accidental offspring have at least five times as many.


22 Creative Ads for Illegal Activities

Advertising is one of the few industries where creativity seems follow the money. Super Bowl ads are the most expensive, and usually the most entertaining of the year. We asked you to show us what the ad would look like if criminals could throw money at ad firms instead of laundering it.


The 6 Least Impressive Ways Anyone Ever Got Rich

Hey, slackers -- here's your inspiration.


5 Horrible Things Nobody Tells You About Legally Growing Pot

Before you renew that subscription to High Times and quit your day job, there are some things you need to take into consideration ...


5 Places Where Society Inexplicably Breaks Down

Looking around, it's easy to call us civilized. But given the right context, we'll abandon all of society's rules and live like the crappy, bastard animals we all are.


6 Absurd Situations That Only Happen In Food Commercials

not all commercials take the full-on ridiculous route to hock their wares. Some companies prefer to toe the line by selling their product based on the idea that it will somehow come in handy in a situation that could totally happen to you.


The 7 Most Baffling Things About Women's Clothes

There are a lot of annoying things about being a woman, like periods, childbirth and not being able to play basketball in a way that keeps spectators awake. But near the top of the list has got to be buying clothes.


If Politicians Ran On Issues the Internet Cares About

Obama may be the most tech savvy president to date, but his laughter at the prospect of marijuana legalization would seem to suggest he's not exactly worried about what the Internet thinks. We asked you to show us what elections might look like if politicians actually catered to the prevailing internet opinions at any given moment.