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5 Favors People Love to Offer (That No One Wants) Part 2

It's not that we hate you for offering these things, we just wish you wouldn't. Also, yeah, we kind of hate you.


5 Giant City-Wide Parties You Won't Believe Are Real

Are the celebrations herein involving fire and dicks and animal shit any stranger than, say, New Year's Eve, or Mardi Gras? Actually, yes.


5 Supposedly Fun Activities That Are Actually Terrifying

The I am not composed of extremely low pH water and hatred of all things fun. The problem with my fun times, however, is that there are outside forces pissing them away from me.


The 6 Most Effective Ways to Lie on Your Resume

I'm here to help. After consulting with experts in deceit, who may have been overstating their expertise now that I think about it, I've compiled the following guide to help you lie on your resume.


7 People Who Risked It All to Achieve (Very Stupid) Goals

Obviously some people seem to be training to win the gold in the screwed-up priorities Olympics.


The 5 Least Sexy Experiences Everyone Goes Through

No matter how hot the subject of your crush, they've experienced those awful events in life that wick away your sexiness.


5 Favors People Love to Offer (That No One Wants)

Even though we generally like it when people do nice things for us, there are some favors no one really wants. Here are five:


6 Types of Apologies That Aren't Apologies at All

Thanks to the Internet, we've started to develop some pretty universal techniques for 'apologizing' without really apologizing.


5 Terrifying Secrets About Riding in an Ambulance

We have some bad news: The world of ambulances, and the long-suffering crews who work inside them, is quite a bit more horrifying than you thought.


Tiny Changes That Would Have Saved Terrible Movies

There are plenty great movies that were one tiny mistake away from being great films. Hell, if the shark in 'Jaws' hadn't been a complete catastrophe, that movie could have been ridiculous. We asked you to show us some other tiny changes that could have turned terrible movies into classics.


The 6 Craziest People Who Are Overpopulating the World

Millions of us are so terrified of or disinterested in having kids that we'll literally never do it. But the world's population keeps inflating like a balloon because there are plenty of people at the opposite end of that spectrum. Way, way at the opposite end.