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6 People Who Turned the Tables on Government Surveillance

Call us old-fashioned, but if you're going to go through the trouble of spying on your enemy, you might as well do your homework. After all, it's a fine line between being a badass spy and being a wacky bumbling spy character played by Kevin James.


6 Reasons the 'Police Gazette' is the Craziest Magazine Ever

Despite its insanity, the 'Police Gazette' stayed in publication for 132 years. How? Well, I went through hundreds of issues and I found 20 reasons for its success. Here are the six that had nothing to do with boners.


The 6 Most Hilariously Inept Spies of All Time

Spies' covers get blown all the time. But some just wake up in the morning, stick their foot in a bucket and pratfall their way through espionage until they accidentally trip and somersault into prison.


The 8 Stupidest Defenses Against Accusations of Sexism

Behold, the worst sexism defenses that get used every day on the Internet ...


6 Abandoned Places That Will Make Awesome Supervillain Lairs

It's no secret: We love abandoned places. But while some are terrifying, and some are simply sad, others are just begging to have a laser mounted on top of them.


5 Idiotic Misconceptions About Calling Customer Service

Based in part on my own torturous years of answering telephones for a living, here are five stupid things you probably believe about calling customer service.


4 Things 'Star Wars' Fans Need to Accept About George Lucas

The Star Wars franchise has a long history of 'Special Editions' and 'Re-releases' and something called


8 Unexpected Downsides of the Switch to E-books

I dug around and tried to find some e-book ramifications that would appeal to the type of people who spend more time preparing for a zombie apocalypse than like, unemployment, or retirement, or something. You know, realists.


6 Simple Pleasures Life Will Not Let You Have

There are all sorts of unattainable things that have nothing to do with finding Big Foot or leprechauns. Here are six seemingly ordinary things you can never find.


4 'Geek Humor' Books by Authors Who Understand Neither

These four books set out to create humor for nerds back when that word meant something. Instead, they spawned black holes of clumsy, punning anti-comedy.


Greatest Note Ever Left On a Dented Car

Dear Car Owner, You may have noticed the dent on the left side of your car. If not, allow me to draw your attention to it now. As you can see, it is there, and so is this note.


4 Bizarrely Specific Stereotypes You Can't Help But Notice

I have noticed several consistent stereotypes that are completely unrelated to race. Most of them aren't even negative; they're just weird consistencies that baffle me.


The 7 Most Annoying Hidden Agendas on the Internet

The most popular ways stupid people try to get their spamming and whining and self-promotion past your defenses.