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5 'People' You Didn’t Realize Were Fictional Characters

Lots of figures from history and pop culture are the product of either some marketing campaign or just bad record keeping. Either way, centuries from now, people will probably still think that at one time these people existed.


4 Awkward Situations That Always Make You Look Like a Dick

The sad fact is that sometimes you get yourself in a position where all you can do is back away slowly while shame and awfulness are showered upon you.


5 Insane Theme Parks You Won't Believe Were Almost Built

Here are five theme parks you'll never ever attend, unless you know the secret of turning a dump truck full of venture capital into a time machine.


The 5 Stupidest Ways Important People Leaked Deadly Secrets

Government leaks tend to be less Mission: Impossible and more 'Guy mistook secret documents for toilet paper.'


5 Ways Marijuana Has Changed Since You Were in High School

Marijuana has changed a lot over the years. At least that's what my friends who smoke weed told me when I interviewed them for this article.


6 Mind-Blowing Pop Culture Questions Answered by Super Fans

Thankfully, the Internet is home to a relentless army of hardcore nerds who are willing to do the work of sifting through all of pop culture to come up with the hard numbers.


5 Beloved Superheroes Who Are Actually Really Stupid

Most superheroes are as stupid as they are powerful.


So You've Been Shrunken to a Fraction of Your Size

What am I doing in a weapons lab?


5 Horrifying Details Hidden in Classic Children's Cartoons

Children's franchises like to put up a front that's all lollipops and rainbows, but scratch the surface and you find that those lollipops are produced by child slave labor, while all those rainbows are the offal resulting from a mass unicorn slaughter.


The 5 Creepiest Smear Campaigns Launched by Powerful Groups

There are many ways to deal with criticism: You can address it with counterarguments, you can use it to improve yourself, you can ignore it ... or you can spend inordinate amounts of money trying to nuke the reputation of your critics in the hopes that it will make people stop listening to them.


The 7 Most WTF Houses People Actually Live In

Sure, they're rare, and you might not want to actually live in them, but it's at least possible that one day you could set up shop in one of these.