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The 4 Stupidest Things People Love Getting Offended About

Being offended is a bit of a national pastime. But some people seem to want to put a lot of effort into getting thoroughly pissed over the smallest, most insignificant things that really have no effect on them at all.


5 Popular Forms of Charity (That Aren't Helping)

By all means, donate to charity. Just please avoid messing it all up with one of these mistakes.


5 Ridiculous Things That Show Up in the Art of Every Comic

I collected comics for a long time until I went terribly broke one day and never returned. I remember it fondly and am reminded of some of my favorite cliches.


The 5 Least Courageous Things Ever Done in a Crisis

You can only truly appreciate the hero who says 'Women and children first!' when you see how many people in the same situation say 'Outta my way!'


5 Great Joys in Life That Healthy People Never Experience

It's not just the boozing and drugs they have to miss. There are certain pleasures that come with being a sickly person that the able bodied health nuts can never truly understand.


7 Time-Tested Ways to Deal With Bullies

I know a bit about being bullied myself and have put more than a little thought into techniques to combat bullying.


8 Stupid Arguments That Internet Debates Always Devolve Into

he Internet is full of debates about important subjects like what is wrong with music these days and who is the most victimized group on earth, child soldiers or gamers. And all to often, these arguments go horribly wrong.


5 Basic Rights You Won't Believe We Still Have to Fight For

All around the world, people are fighting for the right to do lots of simple things that most of us take for granted.


The 7 Worst Things Airline Pilots Have Done Mid-Flight

People with a fear of flying often cite the sense of helplessness as one of the most terrifying aspects of the phobia. And, well, sometimes it's hard to disagree with them.


If the Old West Was 10 Times Manlier

If you're a woman, you have only moments to shield your birth canal and run from Man Comics. The rest of you are about to get a look at what the old west might have looked like if cowboys weren't such pussies.


The 5 Most Excessively Creepy Children's Educational Videos

Is the best way to really teach children to film some disturbing things and then show it to them?


The 5 Stupidest Excuses Ever Given in a Political Scandal

When the inevitable day arrives where they get caught participating in their deviant activity of choice, some politicians take the high road, and others take the crazy road.