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The 6 Most Baffling Slang Phrases from Around the World

There's every chance that you'll one day travel to one of the countries the phrases herein originate from; this article is here to help you decipher the more ... nuanced local phrases.


5 Optical Illusions That Prove You Can't Trust Your Own Mind

These images are actually exposing glaring gaps in our brain's fragile sense of reality.


The 5 Most Unjustly Overshadowed Sci-Fi Classics

Now, if you're a huge sci-fi nerd, you've probably read all of these before, but if you don't dip into the genre often, or you only read the truly canonical works, these are definitely worth checking out.


The Only Reasonable Way to Deal With Stolen Laundry

I'm missing a black T-shirt that says 'Microsoft SQL Server Devcon 2009' on it.


5 Amazing Things You Didn't Know Babies Could Do

Infants tend to be lazy, stupid turds, as anyone who has had to work with one can attest. But it turns out that they're baby superheroes in reality.


5 Famous Frivolous Lawsuits That Didn't Actually Happen

While there no doubt are real frivolous lawsuits out there, when you go to look up the details of these stories, you usually find that things played out very differently.


So You've Been Poisoned by Your Greatest Enemy

This is Cracked. You're in one of our probably critically acclaimed advice columns.


The 6 Most Horrifying Health Foods in the World

All of the following dishes are considered healthy in their native cultures, but we still could not be persuaded to sit down to a nice bowl full of this stuff.


5 Huge Mistakes Nobody Noticed for a Shockingly Long Time

We're not sure what exactly the following stories say about mankind, other than that none of us really know what we're doing.


25 Amazing Life Hacks You Won't Believe You Didn't Know

Life is tough and the little things too often only make it tougher. We asked our readers to pass along any tips they know for making life's minor annoyances less annoying.


The 4 Worst Things About Being in Love

For all the poems and novels and movies and songs on the subject, there's a surprising lack of information on what to do with this damn emotion once you have it.