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4 Things People Mistakenly Think Are Automatically Hilarious

I am not saying these things are never funny. I am saying these are things that some people think are an 'easy' button they can push to automatically be funny. It is like trying to bake chocolate chip cookies with only the chocolate chips.


The 5 Most Ridiculous Attempts to Be a Vampire in Real Life

Vampires are so appealing that some very special few people among us, out in the world right now, think they are actually vampires. So here's why that's lame.


5 Stupid Bets That Changed the World

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14 Bizarre Scenarios That Are Way Too Common in Stock Photos

As a stock photo myself, I am taking it upon myself to explain my fellow stock photos to you.


6 Great Phrases for Making You Feel Old as Hell

I don't mean cliches like 'It's raining cats and dogs.' I'm talking about simple every day phrases the world seems to agree are just the magic words for specific situations


The 6 Most Baffling Political Ads Ever Aired

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5 Videos of Superhuman Reflexes That Saved Lives

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5 Mind-Blowingly Valuable Things Hidden in Everyday Life

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5 Things We All Want (But Don't Deserve)

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The 5 Most Pointless Abilities People Love to Brag About

For every person with an extraordinary gift, there are whole knots of normal people mistaking their asinine quirks for significant abilities. They celebrate their meaningless talents loudly and often, trying to convince anyone who will listen that they are super.


7 Bizarre Ways You Didn't Know 9/11 Changed the World

Because of 9/11 the world was affected in a number of bizarre, unexpected ways that largely went unreported, for obvious reasons.