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10 Christmas Decorations That Will Haunt Your Dreams

The following Christmas decorations are a testament to the fact that even psychopaths and serial killers apparently make time between pulling the legs off insects and fashioning skin suits to celebrate the holidays.


9 Disturbing Christmas Ads You Won't Believe Are Real

Here are some old-school holiday ads that make us wonder what the hell the past was thinking.


The 6 Most Needlessly Overcomplicated Crimes Ever Planned

It seems that real crooks have taken a page or two from the likes of the Riddler and Lex Luthor and started planning their crimes in the most elaborate, pointlessly complicated ways possible.


A Letter to My Neighbors About My Dubstep Lightshow

First of all, happy holidays! I hope this letter finds you and your families well during the season of good cheer.


5 Ways to Actually Steal Christmas

Like a lot of you, I am basically a monster, and as is the case every year, this holiday season has filled me with bile.


6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person

You're going to hate hearing this. My only defense is that this is what I wish somebody had said to me around 1995 or so.


5 Dirty Jokes in Modern Movies (That Are Older Than Film)

Here are five types of jokes that you'd expect to see in an American Pie movie that are actually much, much older than that.


5 Questions That Need to Be Banned from Casual Conversation

Here are five seemingly well-meaning questions that should probably be avoided.


5 Hilariously Bad Ideas That Actually Solved Huge Problems

We're not saying that any of these are necessarily good ideas. We're just saying that even the most insane problems need to be solved, and sometimes they're solved with more insanity


The 10 Most Depressingly Unfunny Gag Gifts

Gag gifts are suck gifts. They suck the funny from a room as sure as a porn star will suck a suckable something.


5 Ways High School Really Does Suck (According to Science)

While 16-year-olds don't have decades of debt and regret weighing them down, they do have a long list of biological and social pitfalls making their lives hell.


5 Products That Improve the Love Lives of Creepy Sociopaths

The Internet is full of product reviews, but if you're anything like me, you've found them lacking something: rampant, selfish idiocy. I propose to fix that by telling you not only about all of these exciting new products, but also how to recklessly abuse them.