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4 Reasons No One Laughed at Your Joke

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5 Insane Trends from Vintage Cigarette Ads

Advertisements for cigarettes, like ads for heroin cough syrup or professional bellboys, are mostly a thing of the past. And it's a good thing because tobacco ads were awful.


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We're wondering just how many of the successful solutions here were first offered out of pure sarcasm.


5 Well-Known Tips for Healthy Eating (That Don't Work)

Considering that eating is the basic building block of survival, you'd think we'd pretty much have it down by now, yet it's hard to find a subject more prone to bullshit.


6 Terrifying Things Nobody Tells You About Newborns

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6 Hilariously Awful Examples of Product Placements in Comics

Over the years big publishers have been more than happy to peddle out their most famous icons in ridiculous stories centered around virtually any product imaginable.


The 4 Most Preposterous Ways to Get Drunk

Getting your drank on. Is there anything more noble? Yes, most things.


The 12 Most Terrifying Things Ever Invented for Babies

Inventors make terrible, terrible parents.


5 'Secure' Places That Are Shockingly Easy to Break Into

Fortunately for the burgeoning criminal, it turns out that some of the biggest and most daring crimes require surprisingly little effort.


5 'Rare' Things That Are Way More Common Than You Think

Because so many of us live in cities, we think of the Earth as a crowded place. So what's left to discover? A lot actually.


The 6 Greatest Lies Ever Told by Children

Children are horrible, sticky monsters who don't do a single thing that isn't motivated by the basest of human emotions.