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5 Examples of Irresponsible Drinking Gone Terribly Awry

I'm not even 40 yet, I still have decades of irresponsibility to burn through before I settle in and start making wise decisions.


5 Ways to Use Babies as Criminal Accomplices

On one of the many sleepless nights which are now my life, I began doing research to find out the best way to use my baby to commit crimes.


5 Things I Saw as a 9/11 First Responder

For most of us, the story kind of ends with the collapse of the towers. The world had moved on ... completely failing to notice the hundreds and hundreds of people who were still dying.


25 Things You'll Never See the Same Way Again

If you've ever looked at a familiar logo or image and felt there was something more in it, you aren't alone.


9 Of the World's Unhealthiest Foods (Tested in One Night)

The purpose for this article is personal pain for your enjoyment.


The 21 Most Insane Ways Real Schools Abused Their Students

The next time you think you went to school in a prison, realize it could've been much worse.


The Most Poorly Timed Fart Ever: A True Story from My Life

Join me, dear reader, as I recount for you something ... special.


5 Shocking Realities of Working With Disturbed Children

Back in elementary school, did you have that one troubled/violent kid who one day just ... disappeared? We're going to give you some insight into that child's situation ...


6 Famous Works of Art You Didn't Know Were Vicious Insults

No matter how rich and famous you get, you never grow beyond the need for petty, passive-aggressive insults toward those who've wronged you.


20 Famous Stereotypes That Are Statistically B.S.

All B.S. is uncovered in the face of unwavering numbers.


5 Shockingly Racist Scenes in Famous Superhero Comics

Going all the way back to the '30s, I scoured hundreds upon hundreds of comics to find the most jaw-dropping examples of racial intolerance by Earth's mightiest heroes.


5 Ways Movies Get Gunfights Wrong (Based on Experience)

To sort out fact from fiction, we interviewed two decorated combat veterans who also have experience working in Hollywood.


The 7 Most Sexually Deviant Creatures in Folklore

A monster is ever-so-slightly scarier if it violates you in some way.


6 Children's Games Clearly Designed By Psychopaths

There's nothing quite as wholesome as a board game. But you might be surprised by just how dark your awkward family get-together's go-to form of entertainment can be.


3 Reasons Never to Use the Term 'Friendzone'

I'm writing about sex this week -- specifically, the situation in which certain men complain about being 'friendzoned' by woman who choose not to see them sexually.