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28 Items from the Worst Gift Catalog Possible

Gather ye round the fire for another yuletide reading of the Pumblechook & Figg holiday gift catalog!


6 More Real-Life Soldiers Who Make Rambo Look Like a Pussy

It's as if they were fighting a real war with the same selfless abandon with which you'd fight in a video game.


Undeniable Proof That European Christmas Is Terrifying

There's a subgenre of a subgenre of fiction devoted entirely to Christmas. And it's mostly about ladies who want rough sex from the Krampus.


7 Reasons the TSA Sucks (A Security Expert's Perspective)

My name is Rafi Sela, and I was the head of security for the world's safest airport. Here's what your country does wrong.


The 7 Most Insane Street Legal Vehicles Ever (Part 3)

These people who looked at a perfectly good automobile and/or piece of furniture and said, 'What if I stuck six engines and a pair of wings on that son of a bitch?'


4 Pop Culture Predictions from the Past About 2013: Graded

How do movies from the past set in 2013 stack up against the world today?


5 Ways We're Screwing With Wild Animals (For Their Own Good)

Sometimes our best intentions seem indistinguishable from taunting the poor bastards in their darkest hour.


5 Facts About Being Poor (From a Rich Person)

Writing about being poor has gotten popular lately. But what's missing is a rich person telling us what it's like to be poor.


4 Valuable Lessons You Only Learn from Having a Crappy Job

Most people have probably had a shitty, disposable job at one point. Maybe you're in one now, reading this on your phone in a futile attempt to escape reality (IT GETS BETTER).


The 7 Worst Gifts People Seem to Give Every Christmas

I have no idea what your family likes, but I know what they hate, because no one likes this shit.


5 Surprising Things You Learn as a Real Life Private Eye

Before you put a down payment on that Colt .45 and head to the spy store for a sack full of hidden cameras, you'd better read this.


5 Authority Figures No One Realized Were Con Artists

Some people sit around and daydream about becoming a surgeon or a member of the special forces. Others go out and do something about it.


5 Ridiculous Ways People Got Out of Traffic Tickets

Whatever work you put in to fighting a ticket pales in comparison to the crazy lengths some people have gone to not have to pay for a traffic violation.


5 Post-Apocalyptic Wastelands Hiding in Busy Cities

You don't necessarily have to earn a fancy degree and apply for expedition funding in order to get your apocalyptic-bone on.