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4 Absurdly Expensive Versions of Products For Filthy Jobs

If I'm going to buy a thing and its intended purpose is to get dirty, I'm not going to go for the most expensive version of that thing. Some people who are mega-rich apparently don't have that understanding.


7 Creepy Ways Corporations Are Turning You Into an Addict

All of you who think you have no addictions are about to lose a game you don't even know you're playing.


4 Harmless Personality Traits We're All Embarrassed About

Many completely harmless emotions, preferences, and habits are still taboo in our society, forcing us to keep them firmly undercover.


5 Lives Saved by the Exact Right Person Randomly Showing Up

Don't tell us you wouldn't call B.S. on these if you saw them in a movie.


6 Outdated Myths Everyone Still Believes About Homosexuality

We have openly gay celebrities and politicians, and yet, the misconceptions persist.


6 Ways You See the World Differently When You Can Hear Color

I have lexical synesthesia, so letters, numbers, and days of the week have specific and distinct colors. I also have sound-to-sight synesthesia, meaning that I can 'see' sounds.


6 Ridiculous Drinking Myths You Probably Believe

There are lots of misconceptions floating around about everything from how to cure a hangover to how to spot an alcoholic. Let's see if we can clear up a few.


15 Famous People Who Lied Their Way to Fame

We understand Hollywood is made up of thief, liars, and amazingly talented CGI artists -- but we just can't let some of the most blatant cases slide.


5 Tiny Common Sense Changes That Would Save the World

Forgive us if we're being naive when we say a lot of modern problems seem to have fairly obvious solutions ... if somebody was willing to make a bold move.


5 Important Milestones of Maturity That Nobody Talks About

I'm still a pretty young guy, so feel free to punch me in the mouth for saying this, but getting old is kinda great.


5 Things You Learn From Camping (If You Hate the Outdoors)

I convinced two REI-looking folks I was friends with to take me camping in the wilderness of the Chilean suburbs. It went poorly.


So You've Discovered You're A 'Scooby-Doo' Villain

If you find that a group of teens are constantly trying to foil your plans, then you might be a villain.


5 Certifiably Insane Things People Do to Relieve Stress

Stress seems to be something that modern society has no answer for. So it's no suprise people are starting to look a little outside the box for answers ...


5 Weird Things That Apparently Make You Cool Now

There are a lot of new things that make you cool now, and chances are you probably do one of these things. If none of them apply to you, congratulations, I guess.


The 6 Most Ambitious Things Ever Done To Get Out Of Work

Everybody needs an occasional day off. But there's a right way to do take one, and an utterly dumb way to take one.