30 Weird Things Everyone Does, But Won’t Admit To

If you have a secret habit you’re ashamed of, guess what? Literally everyone has that habit also!
30 Weird Things Everyone Does, But Won’t Admit To

We all have those habits that were careful to keep to ourselves. You know the ones: You enjoy doing them, but you would never, ever do them in public. Theyre your guilty pleasures. Oh, and, you know, theyre everyone elses guilty pleasures also. So dont feel embarrassed when you catch yourself...

Buying extra items SO it doesn't look like you came in for only one thing CON0OM FT AMERICA'S YTARS TRUSTED A PACK ECONOMY TROJ NEW! PA Naturel Made A
Everyone is a l-digger. ld CRACKED.COM
CRACKED.OON Picking up something you dropped with your feet because you're just too lazy to bend down.
When you don't hear what somebody said, you should ask them to repeat themselves... ...right? My mom just died. NOPE! RAOT Just smile and hope you're
When going inside a dark room, instead of going in and turning on the lights, you reach your hand inside the room to turn the lights on before going i
You're in the shower and you really have to peeses Are you going to get out and pee? Hell no! You just gO in the shower. CRACKEDCONT
CRACKED CON COM What do we do when we're bored at home? We open the fridge for no damn reason!
Youever walked in the wrong direction and you had to turn around 180 but YOu wanted to look casual doing: it? so, what did You do? You took out your p
GRACKEDCON We tilt our game controllers in racing games to 'steer' our car away from a crash even though we bnow we look stupid doing it and that it d
CRACKED We all talk to our pets as if they're real people.
Screaming at inanimate objects... FO YOU COMPU'TER Blaming them for malfuctioning.
Sometimes ya gotta count like this SO people won't think you can't do mental math.
No matter how bad you are, you will still sing along with your favorite song, when you're driving.
Everyone likes stopping the 0: microwave with only 1 second POTATO DOTA EVERACE left POPCORN to avoid that OWNER el THOTIN DOup beep sound and PLATE W
We all think we're a Jedi Knight when we stand in front of an automatic sliding door
30 Weird Things Everyone Does, But Won’t Admit To
No matter your CRACKEDCON age or academic level... HERE! If there's a roll call, you prepare yourself mentally SO you don't sound like an idiot when t
GRAGKED Egg Beef Ramen Fish Cucumber ball We sometimes try to cram as much variety of food on our spoon or fork as possible so that we can taste every
ZIG-ZAG! You know they can't hear you, but you yell at the TV anyway.
Nobody's looking? Perfect time to make some goofy faces.
We often check if there are murderers hiding behind our shower curtains.
While driving alone at night, you constantly check to make sure someone or SOMETHING isn't in the backseat. CRACKED.COM
Wait, did that save...? Recent documents New 1 Cracked Ideas.rtf 2 Leaders.rtf Open CRACKED.CON 30 IT WASNT MY FAULT.tt 4 helpcmds.txt Save 5 ontions.
CRACKEDOO CONT We sure love to wander around the house while talking on the phone.
CRACKED.COM Sitting in the car after you've parked, waiting for the sOng playing on the radio to end before turning off the engine!
You take out your phone to check 15% the time and 12:23 then put it right Monday.July 29 back in your pocket. A couple of seconds go by and You realis
CRACKEDCON Holding your breath while watching an underwater scene in a movie to see you if you would survive
ALPHABET A B C o000 CRACKEDOON We all have to sing the whole alphabet in our minds to remember where a particular letter is positioned!
Got lost while driving? 928 os Better turn down the volume as if it'll help you find your way.

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