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7 of the Worst Choices Ever Made While High

Don't people do hilariously misguided things when they're high anymore? Aren't there any stories that could serve as awesome subplots in a carefree '80s sex comedy? Yes!


5 Classic Children's Books With Horrible Hidden Messages

We're not saying these books are definitively bad for your kids, or that these messages are intentional. We're just saying, 'Waaaiiiit a minute.'


5 Enormous Modern Ghost Towns You Won't Believe Exist

There are bad investments, and there are these: billion-dollar projects that entire governments just got bored of and abandoned, leaving around some pretty cool post-apocalyptic playsets


5 Surprisingly Outdated Problems Infertile Couples Face

Being unable to name your firstborn 'Norsehammer Thunderslap' is just the first of the problems you'll have.


4 Ways Money Actually Can Buy Happiness

I'm here to tell you, as a wealthy man who's perfectly happy writing comedy articles from the pile of Prada handbags I use in place of a couch, that money can in fact buy happiness.


5 Ways Fighting Wildfires Is More Insane Than You Think

I'm Drew Miller, professional wildland firefighter. I protect people's sacred right to live in places that regularly combust. Here's what I've learned on the job.


5 Dick Moves Your Bank Pulls (You Won't Believe Are Legal)

Banks make it really hard to like them, and they do whatever they can to exploit their position in the shadiest ways imaginable.


Heartfelt Advice from Cracked's Most Unlikely Source

This will be the worst article I have ever written. Some would argue that that's a tall order, as I get a decent amount of hate mail assuring me that every article I write is the worst article I have ever written.


3 Insane Ways Companies Are Using Copyrights to Bully You

Like Doc Brown's time machine or a bitchin' singing voice, copyright law is an incredible power that can be used for both good and evil.


5 Disastrous Attempts at Political Commentary in Comic Books

Here are a few of the most ill-advised times a writer looked at a medium full of colorful superbeings and decided it was time to make a statement.


4 Unspoken Social Rules You Follow Without Thinking

There are some aspects of life where there are no rules set in stone and no laws telling us to not be dicks, yet for the most part, we respect and rarely abuse them.


5 Byproducts of Modern Life That Are Burying Us in Garbage

It seems that the never-ending cycle of human progress has a nasty side effect of constantly threatening to bury us all under a mountain of crap.