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6 Pointless Crimes That Required An Insane Amount Of Effort

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I Hunt Serial Killers: 6 Facts You Thought Movies Made Up

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5 Things Your Parents Did (They'd Be Arrested For Today)

There's a good chance that your parents' actions in raising you to be a well-rounded, delightful, Cracked-reading individual would end up with them in jail today.


The 7 New Wonders Of The World Made By Man

Luckily for those of us with a natural aversion to sunlight, some of the planet's most wonderous things have been constructed inside gigantic buildings, by people with a burning desire to one-up nature.


5 Sets Of Ancient Remains That Have Baffled The Experts

Ah, archeology! Though tragically devoid of whips and Nazi-punching in real life, this unassuming scientific field never fails to provide when it comes to balls-out terror.


I Am A Lawyer For Children: 6 Ugly Truths

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3 Recipes For The Perfect Last Minute Mother's Day Brunch

It's Mother's Day! Did you remember to make a brunch reservation at mom's favorite restaurant? No? Well, don't worry! While I can't help with the reservations, I can do you one better!


5 Baffling Ways Religions Tried To Sex Up Their Image

Sex and Christianity aren't always mutually exclusive. Even if you really wish they would be.


5 Hilarious Ways People Were Caught Hiding In Stores

Imagine how much your home life has to suck to that you'd run away and live in a 24-hour Walmart.