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5 People Who Make You Reconsider The Right To Free Speech

Keith Olbermann doesn't give a damn.


Women Are More Dangerous Than Men: 5 Lessons Of A Bouncer

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5 Massive Problems We'd Face Living On Another Planet

There are problems with interplanetary colonization that sci-fi doesn't warn you about -- most of which involve our imminent doom.


6 Shockingly Brutal Realities Of Working For A Museum

It turns out museums are deathtraps and almost certainly haunted.


7 Insane Police Tactics That'd Be Funny If They Weren't Real

Tasers are nonlethal weapons that have killed over 500 people, so obviously the next step was to make them bigger and stronger.


6 Foreign Words So Dark There Are No English Equivalents

Shockingly, only one of these is German.


5 Little Known Holiday Traditions We Need to Adopt

Why not apply a little tradition mix-and-match to your holidays this year to make them as cool as humanly possible?


6 People You've Never Heard Of (Who Secretly Rule The World)

These select few people have more money and more power than a trillion Tony Montanas, and absolutely nobody is trying to stop them.


6 Brutal Things You Experience As An Ex-Convict

What's life like after you reenter a society that would much rather you stay behind bars?


The 6 Best Ways To Meet People (Don't Work As Advertised)

I've decided to get back in the dating game, because I don't want to die alone. But meeting someone new is hard especially in a city full of people trying their hardest to ignore each other.


5 Weirdly Specific Things Everyone Tries To Do When Sick

I don't know the active ingredient in cough syrup, but tequila is the opposite of it.


5 Lies Millennials And Baby Boomers Believe About Each Other

You've no doubt seen this battle waged recently -- and pretty much every article, Facebook comment, and drunk uncle always makes a series of ridiculous assumptions that only muddles the debate further.


8 Statues Of Famous People (That Look Absolutely Insane)

The tribute to Nathan Bedford Forrest looks as if someone took the original Burger King and smothered him in liquid metal as he screamed in agony.


5 Ways Creative Peoples' Brains Mess With Their Heads

It's not your fault that you're a lazy, useless dullard destined for failure and mockery. It's your brain's.


I Accidentally Took PCP And Went Crazy: 6 Insane Lessons

The following is a very real account and not to be confused for a sequel to 'Conspiracy Theory.'