Behold, The Crack Pipe Vending Machines of Long Island

If you discovered a vending machine that dispensed crack pipes, you could be forgiven for thinking that you'd accidentally wandered into Ozzy Osbourne's dreamscape, Inception-style. Or that you were paying a visit to Brookhaven, Long Island, where residents just discovered for-realises paraphernalia dispensers hiding in plain sight on the streets of their fair town.

The existence of these machines was revealed in a press conference earlier this week, where local officials described how three such machines were found at a bus stop, the curb outside an apartment complex, and a Home Depot, although we don't think it'd be too difficult to figure out who was using that last one. You'd just have to look for the guys doing home repairs at 4 a.m.

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This was a sophisticated operation, too. A closer examination of the machines, which were labelled as selling "PENS," showed that they were originally used to dispense tampons before, presumably, someone stole and modified them to dispense crack pipes -- or to the perpetually clueless, uncomfortable glass tampons. Users would deposit eight quarters and receive a small glass pipe and a filter in return. In order to help the machines blend in better, they were installed in the concrete and provided contact details for a maintenance line. The number was fake, for reasons that should be obvious.

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It's not known who installed the machines, but local officials have warned residents to stay vigilant and alert the authorities if they see any suspicious-looking construction crews -- but not before asking them if they wouldn't mind patching up the roads while they're at it.

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