18 Celebs Who Nuked Their Careers

18 Celebs Who Nuked Their Careers

Fame is fleeting, and people pass in and out of the zeitgeist all the time. But sometimes celebrities get yanked out of the spotlight in the most bizarre, dramatic way possible.

We're talking about the Sham-Wow guy getting his face bit off - or Danni Mathers nuking her modeling career over just being just plain mean. Even somebody as respected as Winona Ryder once went through a period of persona non grata in Hollywood because she got caught shoplifting? Why does Winona Ryder need to shoplift, you ask?

Great question, we have zero answers.

Terrance Trent D'Arby killed his career by killing his name. So dumb, it was such a fine name. And let us not forget ‘East Bound And Down’ inspiration John Rocker, who, if the world was a fair place, would have never had a career but he did manage to poison the well so hard he's on fourth banana ‘Survivor’ shows now.

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