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My Disease Is Shown (Inaccurately) In Every Medical Drama

Warning: If you're eating, maybe bookmark this page and come back to it later.


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5 Famous Charity Songs That Were Insanely Harmful

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5 Reasons It's Difficult To Explain Racism To Casual Racists

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6 Famous Companies That Went Totally Insane When Criticized

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I Was Kidnapped: 5 Things The Movies Don't Show You

The scariest thing imaginable is knowing that you did everything right and took every precaution possible, and yet still ended up in a bad situation.


5 (Statistically BS) Complaints About Social Justice Issues

On behalf of adults with jobs everywhere, it'd be really great if people stopped being so sensitive.


I'm Paid To Mourn At Funerals (And It's A Growing Industry)

These people don't just kind of stand by the graveside to fill out the crowd -- they assume fake identities and fool the rest of the mourners into thinking they're one of the bereaved.


19 Brain Hacks That Can Make You Better At Everyday Life

Need help losing weight? Opt for smaller dish ware.


5 Ways People Ruined Loved Ones' Lives After Dying

Apparently the 'bury me' and 'burn me' options are just too boring for some people.