15 Folks Who Had Some Seriously Creepy Last Requests

These people were thinking outside the box (or urn).
15 Folks Who Had Some Seriously Creepy Last Requests

Most people, when planning their final wishes, spend some time thinking about burial vs. cremation and which relative should inherit the DVD collection. But others think outside the box (or urn) and come up with some truly breathtaking postmortem instructions for when they shuffle off their mortal coils.

And the great thing is, their survivors honor their wishes. It's that, or risk the company of a vengeful poltergeist. Read on and get some inspiration for how you want to be sent out of this world.

In his will, Polish pianist and composer Andre Tchaikowsky requested that his body be donated to science, and his skull given to the Royal Shakespeare
A wealthy Vermont man believed he and his family would be reincarnated together. He left almost $1.5 million (adjusted for inflation) for the upkeep o
Marvel Comics editor Mark Gruenwald threw himself into his work. EVEN AFTER HE DIED. It was his last request that his ashes be mixed into a comic book
The inventor of the modern Frisbee decided to fly after his death. Headtrir Linee of eele dihe The wemorla Ed Headrick had his ashes molded into comme
Londoner Judi Flanagan wanted her ashes stuffed into a rocket and made into a fireworks display. Judi Flanagan's ashes exploding Her family did exactl
In mass shooter Charles Whitman's suicide note, he wished for an autopsy to be performed on him to check for any visible physical disorder spurring hi
CRACKEDco Carleton Glen Palmer couldn't think of a better place for his remains than an ocean reef. 281 es Why? Because of all that action going on a
CRACKEDCO COM af Carles rme he The Irish Giant, Charles Byrne, who was 7 ft 7 in tall, had a last wish that he be buried at sea to avoid dissection.
Musician Gram Parsons wanted his body taken to the desert and burned. So after he died, his friends, posing as undertakers, stole his casket right bef
Robert the Bruce told his soldiers to take his heart into battle ... .. and not in a metaphorical way. On his deathbed, the king of Scotland instructe
As per her request, Queen Victoria was buried with a plaster cast of her dead husband's hand. CRACKED.COM
Tattoo artist Chris Wenzel wanted his tattoos preserved after his death. Before he was buried, 70% of his skin was removed so it could be framed and h
CRACKED CON Angel Pantoja Medina had always told his mother that he wanted to be standing for his own wake. He got his wish tragically early after he
CRACKEDG COMT FISHING ENTHUSIAST A ASHES MADE HAD HIS INTO BAIT. Due to terminal cancer, Ron Hopper was unable to go on a planned fishing trip to Thai
In his last will and testament, Napoleon Bonaparte requested that his hair be made into bracelets and distributed among his kin. CRACKED
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