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5 Lies Millennials And Baby Boomers Believe About Each Other

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8 Statues Of Famous People (That Look Absolutely Insane)

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5 Ways Creative Peoples' Brains Mess With Their Heads

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I Accidentally Took PCP And Went Crazy: 6 Insane Lessons

The following is a very real account and not to be confused for a sequel to 'Conspiracy Theory.'


5 Unsolved Mysteries That Aren't As Unsolved As You Think

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6 Vampires Terrorizing The Animal Kingdom Right Now

Imagine Bambi if, instead of even tolerating Thumper, he just bit his head off. That's how you sell tickets, Disney.


5 Evil Plants We Should Probably Get Rid Of

Every part of the manchineel tree has been designed by Mother Nature to kill humans in the most horrifying ways possible.


6 Horrific Realities When Your Skin Falls Off For No Reason

Despite its adorable name, butterfly skin disease is an excruciatingly painful and deadly illness that gifts your skin with the raw durability of soggy tissue paper.