This Baby Is More Fashionable Than You, Me, Everybody

Who needs Queer Eye? Just get your fashion tips from this baby.
This Baby Is More Fashionable Than You, Me, Everybody

As someone who has remembered to wear a matching pair of socks about twice in his life, I'm not one to give many opinions on fashion. But I feel like even the most fashionably illiterate among us should be able to call a Kate Spade a Kate Spade when it comes to this super fashionable baby.

I honestly don't know what in The Devil Wears Prada is going on here. Did she pick out those clothes herself? How did she know to color-coordinate like that? How did she learn to take a mirror selfie?

Apparently, the account belongs to, which already has 822k followers. So obviously, this tiny fashionista has found online success before, but now I'm forced to wonder, "Can she use Instagram too?"

I guess child prodigies can come in all sorts of forms, and this one apparently is a Mozart of style. Or maybe she's just being helped along by her mother as there appears to be an even younger baby in the 'gram and we've got to be pretty sure she isn't styling herself, right?

I don't know. It took me until 14 to learn how to properly tie my shoes. I've worn the same ragged t-shirt every day of quarantine, but this little girl takes the time to accessorize. If I wear a beanie, it's as a way to contain the various thickets that have grown from my unwashed scalp. When she wears a beanie it's part of an ensemble you'd see on the cover of a Kidzbop album. Anyway, go enjoy the rest of these photos that have had Twitter on cuteness overload for the past couple of days. Meanwhile, I'm going to go see if I can find any gift cards I have lying around for Nordstrom Rack.

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