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10 Simple Buys To Take Your Home From Good To Great

Just because our generation will be renting for the rest of our lives doesn't mean we have to be living in a pit of squalor.


Saying Goodbye To Jack O'Brien, Cracked's Cool Dad

Legendary Cracked Editor-in-Chief Jack O'Brien has, after 11 years, left the company for browner pastures. So, some of us who worked with him have collaborated to prepare a kind of eulogy because he is, of course, now dead to us.


17 Sneaky Industry Tricks To Make Food More Appealing

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Modern America, Explained With Charts

America's a lot easier to understand in chart form.


17 Ways Buying Stuff Has Become Infuriatingly Complicated

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Skills That Will Prepare Us For The Looming Machine Uprising

Let's face it, the Automation Armageddon is upon us. And you're going to have to make yourself useful to the industries that still need brain flesh to function.


13 Loot Boxes For The Nerd Who Wants Some Mystery In Life

As proud nerds, we know firsthand that Loot Crate is the best bundle of pop culture immersion you can get.


28 Dumb Things That Make You Happier Than They Should

Let's take a moment to honor the smaller, finer moments of life.


10 Ways To Make Air Travel Suck Just A Little Bit Less

If you've seen the news lately, flying is just awful. Fortunately, there's a whole world of consumer goods designed to make air travel feel slightly less heinous.


22 Quotes To Get You Through The Tough Times

Print these out and stick them in your Trapper Keeper. (We know you all still carry one.)