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5 Ridiculous Video Game Hacks You'll Love To Hate

We're not mad, we're laughing actually. (No, really.)


'Tetris' Bizarre Origin Is Getting A Film (And Might Be Really Good)

This has the potential to be the best video game movie of all time and that's probably because it isn't actually about a video game.


Oooh, 'Gamer Girl' Looks So, So Bad

Finally a video game that lets you watch other people play video games.


'Overwatch' Removes Noose; Highlighting A Positive Trend In Gaming

Hmm, how could spray painting a noose in a multiplayer video game possible go wrong?


21 Video Game Covers Right Out Of Hell

These aren't books, so we will absolutely judge them by their covers.


We're Skeptical The New 'Madden' Will Get Any Better

EA is so slow to make changes that you'd think they were being run by congress.


Can We Get Some Different Superhero Games, Please?

We're good on Spidey and Batman for now.


Pikachu Could Have Looked like 'A Tiger With Huge Breasts'

Thank the Pokegods this didn't come to pass.


The 5 Saddest Erotic Video Games Ever Created

The Steam Summer Sale is here, and may God have mercy on our souls.


Grandpa's 64-Phone 'Pokemon Go' Mobile Battle Station Is A Sight To Behold

I'd call it a virginity protection shield but he's already a grandpa, so maybe it's a pussy magnet?


A Dude Is Suing Twitch For 'Making Him' A Hornball

It’s kind of an 'Idle Hands' situation.


Meet MODOK: The Big Head, Floating Toilet Villain Of The Upcoming 'Avengers' Game

He's the world's smartest sentient movie theater popcorn tub.


A 'Pokemon' MOBA Game IS Coming To Murder Your Wallet

It's hard to imagine this making anything less than a crap-load of money. That doesn't mean it will be good.


Which Link Got The Most Play?

Link is the ultimate player of Hyrule, but one game stands out above all the rest.


'Star Wars: Squadrons' Has A Lofty Legacy To Live Up To

As long as an R2 unit screeches at the faintest hint of danger, it'll be alright.