Nintendo Power Magazine Loved Running Art Of Sonic The Hedgehog, But Dead

Nintendo Power Magazine Loved Running Art Of Sonic The Hedgehog, But Dead

We all grew up being taught that Nintendo was the family-friendly company video game company, the company that lost ground to Sega during Console War I because it wouldn't stoop low enough to feature something as wrong as the hilariously cartoony violence of the original Mortal Kombat. Is that true, though? Recently unearthed screenshots taken from Nintendo Magazine System, the old official Nintendo Magazine from '92, seem to prove that wasn't entirely the case.

Yes, while it's true that Nintendo never created their own violence, the company was more than happy to feature fan art from kids that involved all sorts of characters doing a fatality on Sonic.

A Skeleton decapitates Sonic


How can games make kids violent when they're already like these when the games get to them?

Some of these were just straight-up bonkers, like this one where the actual devil (not a Nintendo or Sega character) murders sonic while shaming him for, uh, plastic surgery.

The devil puts Sonic's head on a spike


Satanic panic had nothing on Sonic panic, apparently.

A few of these drawings even show various famous characters ganging up to murder sonic. 

Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong and a Rhino team up to murder sonic


Are we looking at the very NSFW inspiration for the Super Smash Bros. series?

And our favorite of the bunch is below:

Sonic falling victim to inflation.


Please note that Mario is pumping Sonic full of air but Toad is the one exploding him, thus staying pretty true to Nintendo's modus operandi of getting kids to do the dirty work – and lending credence to the theory that Sonic really was murdered by Nintendo agents on that fateful Macy's Day Parade.

Maybe none of this should have taken us by surprise, since we have good photographic evidence of Mario himself being a cold monster.

Top Image: Nintendo

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